Weekend Plans? [NOT 20/4/23]

Hi, friends!

I hope your day is going well.

Does anybody have fun weekend plans?

I keep wanting to go to the farmers market, but we’ve been having weather where mid-week is late spring lovely warm weather and then Saturday rolls around and it feels back to late winter/early spring.



  1. Going wine tasting on Saturday & then demolishing a kitchen on Sunday.  That should be fun but would be more fun if we weren’t trying to save the cabinets & countertops.

    • Good luck with that demo. We were able to save the upper cabinets years ago when we did my old kitchen, but they were also solid oak from the 1960s. Lowers had too much water damage from a sink pipe issue to be usable still.

      Fun fact! Those cabinets went on to a second life in a friend’s garage for some extra storage, which I think is fantastic.

      • A friend of mine rescued an entire set of lockers from a high school and let her grade-schooler son paint them and that became the most ingenious and most fun closet/storage system I have ever encountered.

  2. mate wanted me to come out for his birthday party on sunday

    i had to cancel as that also my daughters birthday party

    sorry mate…i cant come out….already agreed to not come to my daughters meal out with the boyfriend

    busy weekend here avoiding socializing… cant be helped

  3. I have an exciting day planned for Saturday. I am going to debut my new shoes (there really should be a different name for them, because they’re more than shoes, they’re like battleships) and going to use the local Chase bank’s interior ATM, near the teller windows, for maximum exposure. Then, I’m going to do a little recreational shopping at the CVS across the street, which should be packed. And I’m going to do all of this without a cane or the rollater, just Lily-The-Better-Half’s arm if necessary, but I don’t think it will be. This is part of my latest version of physical therapy.

    • One of the funniest comments I ever read was I think during the 2016 primaries or maybe the election and there was yet another Clinton Foundation donor story. It didn’t shine a positive light on the candidate, none of those stories ever did. Anyway, the comment went, “Nuthin’ wrong with that. Sis gotta get that coin.”

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