Weekend Plans? [NOT 21/5/21]

Hi, friends!!! We made it through this week!

What’s happening this weekend?

Tomorrow Mom and I are going plant shopping and then out to lunch. I’m excited. There’s a lot of good places near me so there’s great options.

I also need to do some major desqualoring. The house is… bad. I started already by wiping down all the cabinets. That was an exercise in realizing I needed to this way more often.



  1. i plan to invade the not with some kind of inane comment
    yo its not healthy to hold in your farts!
    holy shit…i have achieved me plans!

    i have no plans or expectations from life
    every day that didnt kill me didnt kill me….eh?

  2. This weekend will not be nearly long enough.  By the time my niece and her family arrive on Monday afternoon, I will need to have my winter tires changed over (should have done it a month ago but I forgot because I hardly ever drive now), go grocery shopping, make a new dessert (actually two–I’m also experimenting with home made frozen custard), plant a shit ton of plants, replace one of the soaker hoses I just put in the garden, and clean the living fucking daylights out of the house.  The deck will not be painted in time, and I just have to resign myself to it looking fucking stupid and half-painted.

    • I have a niece visiting on Sunday for brunch.  I’m told I’m a pretty good cook but what the fuck do I do for brunch?  Would rather take her on brewery tours as she is also a beer snob.  Lots to do in garden & wife just saw how I cleaned out my car & just dumped it all in garage so that cleaning adventure is coming soon.  Also need to figure out auto watering system for greenhouse before all of our summer trips.  Relying on paying neighbors kids is no longer an option.  

      • I’ve heard there are some pretty good drip irrigation timer systems out there but haven’t had a need to try them so not sure if the reality lives up to the hype. If it works for you thought that would make a great Dirty Business post. 

  3. Oh, that’s alot! I am not that ambitious. I liked the way the mailbox came out so much I found a piece of scrap wood, painted it teal and made a house # sign with leftover tiles to hang on the front door. I’m chipping away at the garden but I have to take my truck to the shop next week so everything is just piled in the driveway. Not ideal. And figure out what to do with the fennel from misfits market. Any suggestions?

      • It’s a little much that a whole “Kingdom” would of all things celebrate banks in the first place…let alone a mere week after the country that actually celebrates its Queen while observing the anniversary of its independence, no less…kind of appalling, really

        Fucking sellouts

  4. that reminds me, I planted hops because I thought they would look nice on the arbor posts but they are spreading all over so I’m going to try to dig them out.

  5. I plan on working 2/3 of the long weekend because I’m a single workaholic who has no life.
    Mostly it is because I want the OT to dump into the ManchuCandidate early retirement and get the fuck out of stupid workplace stock fund.  Pay now, spend later I hope.  Been building up my portfolio withe some dividend funds while my mostly tech heavy portfolio recovers from the beating it took the past 3 months… (PINTREST!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Also planning on visiting my sick friend in the hospital after my 4th post CoVID scare of the pandemic.

  6. Took off today, smoked a brisket and spent all day working on the deck. 
    NYC tomorrow, visiting bro in law and pregger wife. She’s due in July. 
    Sunday, recover and food shop.

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