Weekend Plans! [NOT 23/4/21]

drawing of smiling sun with a baner saying "happy weekend"

Hi, friends! We made it to Friday!

What plans to people have this weekend? I plan on finishing Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Tomorrow I’m hoping to go to the farmer’s market unless it’s raining badly (it’s on the forecast) and Costco and then tomorrow night I have a massage! The first one since 2019!!!!



  1. Star notifications no longer work but I don’t have time to work on it this weekend so please be patient everyone.

    I just got vaccinated so this should be a joyous time but NOPE wordpress is gonna wordpress and plugins are gonna plugin.

    *sips beer*

  2. Pfizer or Moderna? Also, deep breath. We all thank you @Myopicprophet for your free service on this free website. Please, have another beer. 

    As for the weekend, cook, clean, chores. Because I am a drudgery aficionado. Sigh.

  3. Nope, I got nothing, putz around the house and yard, internal debate over whether to make a rug or a sweater or both, try not to disturb the sleeping cat, test recipe for next week, try not to eat results before I get a pic, watch baseball, wonder if my team will ever get back to 500. It actually sounds like alot now, fuck the yard.

  4. I got my first shot today and I am wiped. I was good, and then like 5 hours after the shot it was like I hit a wall and my limbs got heavy and all I wanted was to go to sleep, but instead I needed to get dinner together for Lil. (I did at least plan ahead with leftovers for me and my husband.) But yeah they weren’t kidding about fatigue as a side effect – this fatigue isn’t messing around. At least my arm doesn’t really hurt much. Bit of a headache. 
    Weekend plans are unfortunately manual labor. We’ve had my SIL’s camper ever since our move, which we used for storage. She suddenly wants to come pick it up, so we need to unload it. 

  5. Baby shower for my grandbaby tomorrow… I’ve never met my boy’s girlfriend’s parents and, apparently, I’m gonna get the whole family in one swoop. I’m more than a little nervous, to be honest! I mean, it’s not about me, but… I feel like I’ve forgotten how to human. I’ve spent better than a year with no one but my family, and I tend to be shy (ok, at first… I do warm up!), and like, what if I say something super dumb to her mom or something??! *deep breath* 
    I know. It’ll be fine. But… argh! *deep breath*

    • I have a friend who is the queen of the inappropriate remark. I love hanging out with her because I come across like a smooth diplomat in comparison. We were once at a baby shower and she said to the father, “That baby doesn’t look much like you. Is it yours?” She was just generally curious, not being judgmental.
      We were once seated together at a wedding and one of our table mates was an older woman who was recovering from a stroke. “You are quite drunk. I’d stick to water if I were you.” Just trying to be helpful.
      I don’t know where she gets this from. Her parents are perfectly lovely people, very gracious and hospitable. Maybe it’s because she’s an only child and was doted on by her later-in-life parents.

      • I’m generally pretty quiet (unless alcohol is involved!) and I try to be moderate and tactful but when I’m nervous, I blurt out stupid things…
        Honestly, I’m more worried about what’s going to fall out of my mother’s mouth. If she starts ranting about my dad*, I may have to drag her out of there.
        *They’ve been divorced longer than they were married, at this point, and she’s been remarried for 20 years, but she still just can’t resist making nasty comments about him and his wife. 

  6. I’m taking my wife to Orcas Island for an early anniversary weekend.  Kayaks are loaded, mostly packed & staying at amazing resort.  I had bigger plans for our 20th but somehow my Tahiti cruise didn’t seem like a good plan in current situation. Been sunny all week & now looking like rain but she is a true NW girl & rain won’t stop us!  

  7. My mom and dad are coming over tomorrow. He’s helping me set up the new gaming desk that I just bought for work, and she wants to go see the sufragette exhibition at the History Museum.

  8. i planned to sleep till at least noon…but was aiming for 2 pm 
    it currently being 8 am tells you how that plan worked out….considering i was still awake to scare the crap out of a couple teenagers in my backyard at 2 am i figured id be able to make it till noon at least (amazing how many people will walk right past me and never notice after dark…anyways..as one of them was taking pictures i figured i should say hi! watcha doing?…was pretty funny for me…they might need new undies)
    anyways..still locked down here…sooo…i guess im going to spend today getting killed lots in my space game thingie

    anyways…i have a terrible sense of direction adding another dimension to it means im spending most of time figuring out which way is up and how come i got turned around….im probably not suited for space travel

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