Weekend Plans? [NOT 24/3/22]

Hi, friends!

Anybody got fun weekend plans?

I’m seeing My Fair Lady which is not a musical I particularly enjoy. But I have tickets and the costumes should be pretty. Fingers crossed I don’t fall asleep since it’s like 3 hours long.



      • I most certainly do.

        I just read recently a “Where Are They Now” feature about actors from “Downton” who either left the show voluntarily or were never meant to last more than a couple of episodes or seasons. Most, of course, didn’t go on to greatness.

        Ironically three who had the best outcomes are three who stayed: Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, and Lily James, whose character conveniently took off for New York but who pops in when needed. Dame Maggie Smith, one of the finest actors of her generation, dutifully appears, in episode after episode and movie after movie. Dan Stevens: “I am too good for this and should be doing so much more!”

        • I was watching an action movie on Netflix with Liam Neeson and Dan Stevens was in it and I thought to myself this is why you crashed that damn car? This crap?!?

          • Lady Sybil, my sister-in-law, had some success in “Harlots,” which I found to be a very difficult to watch series, although the acting, sets, and costumes were top-notch, just like Downton, it was the topics and the themes. She then went on to appear in “Brave New World,” which was canceled after one season.

            Dame Maggie Smith said after the series concluded something like, “Obviously I can’t be in anything else “Downton”-related. My age aside, how old is my character supposed to be?” I think that’s one of the reasons the two movies (which she is and will be in) don’t advance much chronologically. In the first movie it’s 1927, and in this latest one it’s maybe 1928 or 1929 but surely it must be before the Stock Market crash (October, 1929.)

  1. Nothing special. It’s going to be a little cool, low 40’s. So mostly indoor stuff. A little housework and I’m  going to make a wreath for the front door.

  2. Work. Work. Work. House upgrades and repairs don’t pay for themselves.

    Good news on the interview.  Found out I was the first candidate to be interviewed.  Mine lasted longer than the manager anticipated so that’s good, too.

    The workplace rumor mill claims I’m the front runner, but that’s just rumor. I don’t know who else interviewed, but I know they’d be hard pressed to find someone with my background and experience.  I have dampened expectations based on past history at this place.

  3. gotta try and get my chores done around F1

    this weekends race is right around dinner time for me…sooo…dinner will be late….or extra early

    or possibly delivered coz i dont have time to cook…must watch things go vroom…and run the live thread on oppo….vitally important that…closest thing to a hobby i have at the moment

    • A lot of great songs came from that show, including “Why Can’t the English” and “I Could Have Danced All Night,” which I have been known to slur/sing somewhat drunkenly at Better Half in elevators after leaving parties.

    • I could only trade in 1 show from my season ticket pack and this season also had Pretty Woman the Musical and Cats.

      I traded in Cats, so I admit I chose this one based on “I’d rather see that than Cats.”

      • Did you know what the season pass entailed before you bought it, or was it a general “X Theater’s 2022 Season”? Honestly, “My Fair Lady” is a wonderful musical, I think. I think I would rather be a theater bathroom attendant than watch “Pretty Woman: The Musical.” It did really well on Broadway, though, before Covid sent it packing. I have seen “Cats” more than once: it was the show many out-of-towners wanted to see when they came to visit me after I first moved here. Ah, the Winter Garden Theater. From wikipedia:

        From 1982 to 2013, the Winter Garden hosted only two productions: the musicals Cats and Mamma Mia!.

        • They announce the Broadway tour season ticket shows about a month before the season ticket packages go on sale, so yes I knew what I was getting. However this season has also  contained Pretty Woman the Musical (fucking horrible), The Prom (way better than the shitty Netflix movie), Mean Girls (oh my fucking god amazing), My Fair Lady, Hairspray, Hamilton, and The Lion King.

          They just announced next season and it’s got Ain’t to Proud (Temptations musical), Hadestown, Frozen, Six, To Kill A Mockingbird (changing it up with a play instead of musicals!), Tootsie, and Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m on the fence with thatn season because Hadestown looks depressing as fuck and the song I saw from Six during the Macy’s Parade was completely uninteresting and I have absolutely no interest in seeing Jesus Christ Superstar so that’s gotta be my trade-one-show-in.

          • FWIW I know a lot of people who saw Hadestown and they pretty much all enjoyed it. The only thing is, if I’m remembering this right, it’s about 3 hours with 2 intermissions. The last time I sat through something like that was when “Angels in America” was in pre-production back when most people didn’t have telephones. That experience though, AiA, was breathtaking. I’d never seen anything like it, to the point where, when we finally left the theater, I, I, was left speechless.

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