Weekend Plans? [NOT 29/5/21]

drawing of smiling sun with a baner saying "happy weekend"

Hi, friends!

What’s going on this weekend?

I spent several hours doing work in the yard today. Thanks to Canada drunk-visiting our Memorial Day weekend, it dropped about 30 degrees between Thursday and today, so I figured if I needed to do the work, at least I wasn’t dealing with being stupid hot, too.

Tonight I’m going out to a restaurant and to a movie. Like in the before times! We’re seeing Cruella which eh I feel pretty meh about, but my cousin is super excited. I don’t really care for any of villain origin stories, and ahh I don’t see why I should try to care about a character who kidnaps puppies with intent of skinning them for a coat.

But! Movie! Actual plans! So I shall go.



  1. I’ve got a shitload of plants to put in the ground…and haven’t gotten to a one yet.  Spent today prepping for a visit from the girls/guys tomorrow.  Made a couple of eventual FYCE things:  potato salad and butter cake (the cake is to celebrate the youngest step-daughter’s completion of her graduate degree…before she embarks on another–completely unrelated–graduate program.  It’s a good thing her husband makes a ton of money because I’m getting the sinking feeling that she’s going to spend her whole life in school trying to figure out what she wants to do and never finding it.), also made my weekly batch of tortillas.  Went grocery shopping, met with the guys from our book club, wasted an hour trying to return my Sprint phone only to learn that they’ll be mailing me a return package for sending it back.  By that time Mrs. Butcher was home and it was time for dinner. 

    Tomorrow will be entertaining the girls/guys, but sadly inside and not on the freshly painted deck thanks to the cold weather and the rain.

    Which means that Monday will be non-stop planting day.

  2. going on…uhh… not a lot
    i got over me never drinking again thing tho….it were sunny..and that terrace was soooo tempting
    oh but yeah…going on…. fucking laundry mostly…lots of it…as said…its sunny (well..it isnt right now coz its 1 am but you get my drift) i can actually get shit dry now..in a period not measured in days
    also..i need to buy a strimmer so i can murdalize the grass in me backyard back down to a height me pushmower can handle
    anyways have fun with the actual plans !

    • i just realized….most of yous probably have a dryer
      i dont…no space for it
      in winter i can dry my shit on the heaters…in summer i can dry it outside
      inbetween im kinda fucked…
      i make up for it by having lots of shit to wear….strategic washing baby!

      • I’ve stopped using the dryer, and just do one load of laundry at a time, and line-dry it in my apartment.
        I think I initially started doing this to save money, but now I’m more concerned with quarters, since there is a fucking quarter shortage due to COVID, and any of the old methods I used to get quarters don’t work anymore.  So quarters are worth far more than $0.25 to me now…

      • Hi farscy! 

        I have a dryer, and it’s about 20 years old. 🙂

        About half my clothes I air dry though because it helps them last a lot longer and clothes can be expensive! 

  3. If I were headed to the movies, A Quiet Place Part II would be the first one I watch. 

    • Gonna paddle board with the Pod and Podlings tomorrow and possibly Monday too.
      Went for a coffee at a tiny busy café this morning and the whole staff were maskless… it was jarring. Guess normal is just around the corner in these parts. My friend informed me Seattle is 80% vaccinated, but Washington is only at 35% (I haven’t double checked the stats).

    • I’m really really not a fan of scary movies, I’m a giant chicken. 

      I think that trailer looks like a great movie, I just don’t want the nightmares. 

      • No judgement. I totally want to see Cruella but I refuse to give Disney any money for as long as possible…the kiddos are still young and are not addicted to Disney yet. I’m a hypocrite who grew up on Disney but they don’t have to know that.

      • Just the premise of the first “Quiet Place” and the trailer completely freaked me out. The Better Half loves horror movies. Nothing makes him happier than a bloodied corpse or a few, preferably tortured and mutilated in some way. We compromise and watch Svengoolie together and perform our own MST3K routine but that’s about all I’m capable of.

        • I can do something so far removed from reality, like Jurassic Park. But if that movie devolved into people slaughtering each other to try to escape the dinosaurs… then it would be too much for me. 

  4. It was 91 here Wednesday, today it was 48 at noon. My sinuses are not happy. Cleaning done, cooking ahead still to do, no gardening until the rain stops, maybe Monday. 

  5. Basically my entire family is in town and were at my house today for a BBQ. My aunt is staying with me for a week. Her brother and his wife and their two kids are also around. So we made a shit ton of food today, including shrimp skewers with these shrimp my aunt brought fresh from Savannah Georgia. Freaking delicious. 

    I had a malfunction of my own making with the Big Green Egg. The last time I used it I put in too much charcoal and had it at like 700 degrees for 8 hours (oops!). This time I overcorrected and could not get it HOT enough. It was hot enough for the shrimp but I gave up and put my flank steak under the broiler. [shrug] Oh well it all turned out very good. 

    Weather sucks. It’s like 50 degrees and rainy. 

  6. last three-day weekend, I went on a purely recreational bike ride, and I’ve never done that before.  liked it enough that I decided I would do it again next three-day weekend…
    And, here we are, and after dealing with 360degree 24/7 headwinds for the last month, no, I am not doing any recreational cycling until the wind fucking stops this bullshit.
    I do have to figure out what I’m going to blow my REI 20% coupons on.  Also, I think I’m going to try and buy some industrial safety gear off of amazon.  I should get a respirator before fire season happens, so hopefully I can still bike commute without killing my lungs.  I also want to get some of the hearing-protection ear muffs with headphones in them.  It will probably work better than my current idea of using those little earphones that clip onto your ears under a set of hearing protection ear muffs.  (I could never get ear buds to stay, so that isn’t really an option for me).
    And, I should maybe think about what I need to switch to a chain waxing setup.  There’s just too much info out there, and everytime I find something I’m not sure about, I fall down a rabbithole…

  7. Also in case anyone is interested, I thought the Cruella movie was a giant flop. Soundtrack was well done, costumes were great. Can’t say that about the plot or writing. 

    • Good to know! I’m a little more resolved in my choosing not to see it.

      • I also am choosing not to see it because of the premise but also Emma Stone, fuck her. I’m still pissed that she played a Hawaiian in Aloha.

        • It felt like they told her “just be like Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn but like don’t actually watch those movies and try to bring demented depth to the character” too. Like when she was being “Cruella” they even paled out her face more and then she’d be all dramatic and hot mess with heavy smearing dark eye makeup and lipstick. 

      • The plot was like someone did a  Mary Sue fan fiction combining 101 Dalmatians and The Devil Wears Prada but also had to ret-con it so that Cruella De Vil wasn’t actually a bad person. Like… let the villains be villains. 

  8. Plans? Surely you jest. I’m lying low and attending to my FYCE duties. I’m also trying to fill out my Democratic primary mail-in ballot. This year we have tons of offices open and its of current job holders are term-limited out. So many candidates for each; I’m surprised I’m not running for something. Plus we have “Pick 5” (in order of preference) ranked choice voting for this go ’round so there’s so much research to do. 
    I do have plans to make plans though. On Tuesday I’m going to shake the bushes and inform my clients that I’m back and raring to go. My home physical rehab also starts up on Tuesday and I am determined to make something of this summer. The plan I’m planning to make will have me fully back among the living by July 4th, but that might be a tad ambitious, and I’ll need the therapist’s/therapists’ input on that. 

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