Weekend Plans? [NOT 4/6/21]

image of sitting meerkat with the text "Go Ahead. Take a break."

Hi, friends!


Anybody got plans for the weekend? I got a whole lot of nothing. Highlights of my weekend will be some weeding the front garden and laundry. Hopefully I clean the bathroom, too.

Exciting life I lead, I know.



  1. You know, when I was younger, I used to dread the idea of a “boring” life.  I wanted the “excitement” that I had to never go away.  Eventually, I came to realize that I was mistaking “excitement” for drama and bullshit.  Today, I’m quite content with my “boring” life because it is relatively free of all that BS.

    That being said, all of my plants are in the ground as of Monday, so this weekend will be some general garden maintenance, making my weekly tortillas, baking another dessert from Grandma’s recipe box, as well as one of her dinner recipes that I can actually convince Mrs. Butcher to eat.  It’s also the first Saturday of the month which means time to run the generator to keep it in shape.

  2. Youngest daughter is a dancer in the high school production of Oklahoma so tomorrow night they have a senior parents only performance we are going to.  Next week is her graduation so we have a ton of shit to get done before we have a party for her next weekend.  I can’t wait to see my honey do list tomorrow since I have been slacking today while she was at work.  Looking like rain so at least that may slow down my yard duties and I am watering for a plant horder friend that is away so rain would save me a few hours of watering.  I’m thinking of posting pictures I took of his yard in a post, he has so many unique plants.  He even has a corpse plant but that is inside so I am not dealing with that one.  

  3. I’m going to the lake tomorrow (because we’re allowed now). I’m still trying to figure out who is doing the DOT tomorrow but I have my solar panel packed in case it’s @splinterrip so I can keep my phone charged all day.

  4. My exciting weekend involves running errands for Almost-MiL, dealing with the never-ending laundry heap, and cleaning out the fridge. Woo!
    KidSmacks2’s 20th birthday is tomorrow. His plans for celebration are for us to get Taco Bell for lunch, and a store-bought double chocolate cake. I can live with this 🙂

    • I’ll take my lumps but at least I have celebrated a few championships in my lifetime.  Now you are going to get the fucking Brooklyn Nets winning a championship with the least likable assholeteam in the league.  A flat earther fuckhead, a guy that left a championship team because he didn’t get all the credit & a guy that would rather score 30 & lose than score 29 & win.  BTW, I know no offense means I hope this offends you because misery loves company.  Can we just mark me down for whatever letter “fuck off myo” is in the next poll?  Yes, too soon!

      • In my defense, I edited the lengthy original comment due to concern for the “too soon” thing (did you see the original with the misery loves company bit in it?).

        “Fuck off, myo!” seems to be the concencus ’round here so…win some, lose some…or in LeBron’s case…win some, lose more.

      • @Loveshaq I love me some Uncle Drew and I think he has backed off on the flat earth thing but whatevs. Uncle Drew does not care what people think, I aspire. But that is my own asshole fandom. The first basketball player I can remember really admiring is Bill Laimbeer, Freud would have a field day with that I think.

        • I always hated Laimbeer when he played against the Lakers but loved him when he played the Celtics or Bulls.  I thought “Uncle Drew” would blow up the Nets like he did in his other stops.  The guy has game and so far everyone is falling into line.  I think they will win the championship, if they don’t all hell may break loose on that team and if they do, I don’t see them staying together too long, too many giant egos.  

          • also, I love Steven Nash, one of my favorite Canadians (sorry Myo) but he will definitely be the fall guy if they don’t win it all.  They won’t even consider that the team only played together a few games, the egos will need a fall guy and it surely won’t be those 3.  

  5. i just woke up and thought i’d gone deaf
    all i can hear is hollywood style white noise
    missing the high pitched beeeeeeeeep tho
    so i guess shit didnt blow up
    anyways…turns out it just really really raining
    my weekend plan was walk to the market for fresh bread….for the time being ive cancelled that plan….shits wet yo!
    also in unrelated news…one of the noobies sneakily left me her phonenumber on a postit at work…
    not sure if thats an offer of friendship or if i need to have a chat with her….

  6. Yesterday I got my errands done, today I want to work on the garden before it gets too hot. The apple orchard had peas on sale so I bought some and I’m thinking fettucine. I started a Baja hoodie in hemp yarn and I made quite a dent in that during the epic zoom call, more knitting on that this weekend. Taking a break from baseball because NYY is playing the red sux  – I hate everything about that team, the sloppy uniforms, the announcers, the shitty shitty racist fans, etc.

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