Weekend Plans? [NOT 8/12/22]

image of sitting meerkat with the text "Go Ahead. Take a break."

Hi, friends!

How is your day going? I hope it’s been a nice Thursday and your Friday shapes up to be easy, too.

Any fun weekend plans? I’m going with my parents to get their dog’s photo with Santa. It might be fine. The dog is also not socialized worth shit with other dogs nor even other people, so yeah. I’m not optimistic. I suspect I’m just going to stand there with my resting bitch face and remind my dad that it’s his dog and therefore his problem.

Also I need to write up Christmas cards and mail out gifts to a few friends. That part I’m looking forward to because I got them fun stuff.



  1. My wife is going out of town for the weekend to see her dad so I am living the bachelor life.  Going to hit some breweries with some friends and maybe brew some beer for New Years.


      What are you making? I just bottled an Old Ale for Christmas.

      12 pounds of Maris Otter, 1 lb Crystal 80, 1 lb brewers syrup, 6 oz Fuggles split evenly at 60 min, 30 min, 15 min, 1469 yeast, five days on oak chips.

      Knock on wood it will be ready in a couple of weeks. I’ll keep a bunch to age for next Christmas.

      • That should be interesting, I am not a Fuggles fan but it works for that style for sure.  I’ll do an easy drinking fruit forward west coast ipa.  I have a bunch of experimental hops & may throw in some Cryo Sabro.  Would be nice if I could get it done by Xmas but dryhopping & carbonating may take it beyond that window.

  2. I’m going to try to find somewhere to get Fanny’s photo with Santa since I didn’t get to do it this past weekend. And then I have to start making some Christmas cookies. I need to scale back but don’t want to go without them altogether.

    • I have a bunch of icing left over from a birthday cake a couple of weeks ago, pretty much like Butcher’s FYCE frosting today, so I’m figuring I’ll make a batch of Christmas cookies with chocolate frosting this weekend.

  3. There’s a new bubble tea shop opening tomorrow in the International District. They are offering a free Shiba Inu stuffed animal with every order. If baby hasn’t heeded my eviction notice by then, I’m going to treat myself to a bubble tea.

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