Weekend Round-Up [NOT 18/12/22]

Hi, friends!

How did your weekend go? I hope it went well!

I did manage to successfully make loaves instead of the one round cake for the recipe I was talking about last week. However, I think the writer can’t do basic math because she said makes 4 loaves or one 10 inch cake. Nope, not a chance. Made 3 loaves, barely. I was hoping for that 4th loaf because I need 3 for work tomorrow and had hoped for a tester loaf. Oh well! A paring knife came out clean from all three so it’s presumably done all the way through.



  1. Been a weird weekend, lots of cooking & decorated the Christmas tree.  Our neighbor one block away is opening a winery but is currently doing it out of his garage and had a wine tasting.  Excellent wine, one street away is a dangerous thing!  Tonight our other neighbor is having us over to thank us for renovating his bathroom and more wine tasting.  He has the most excellent wine cellar selection I have ever seen!  Most of the day I have been putting in hardwood floors in a basement that a wine distributor near us owns.  He used to work at a flooring store & had a large collection of different colored oak flooring boxes and said, just put them in however you want.  We opened all the boxes and were like, we will never figure out any patterns with so many different random pieces that we decided with him to just go completely random!  It is coming out pretty cool so far.  These are my coworkers on the job.

  2. I haven’t even got a tree up or a wreath or anything yet. Haven’t wrapped any presents, haven’t even finished making a couple of them! Oh, yeah… and the whole fam is descending on this house in 5 days.


    I may run away.

    • A few years ago I had a friend in a similar situation and I asked her what could be “family fun time” events instead of “oh fuck I have to get this done before they get there” and she ended letting the family do the decorating and the tree as part of Christmas merriment stuff. Maybe there’s some leeway for your situation too and you can outsource that to them.

  3. I spent the day with my daughter. We went out to breakfast, did a little browsing at a book store, had a fancy coffee, and hung out. It was a nice day.

  4. It was a BUSY weekend, and I’m WIPED, but it was an incredibly good weekend, all in all, too!

    Dad’s funeral went well, his urn turned out great, even if I DO say so😉 (Jim, the guy at ETSY does WONDERFUL work, and I sooooo am getting my urn & mom’s from him, too😁), and Lily’s etching on HER urn, is so much better than I’d imagined, considering it was made of mystery-wood, and we weren’t sure at all how the laser-etching would go…

    Turns out, the way the laser burned the wood, the deep/dark/burned parts ended up looking like “fur,” because of the slightly uneven way the wood grain burned away😃😁🤗

    It’s SO pretty, looks surprisingly like Lil’s *actual* silhouette (that was why I chose the design, but it looks even closer than the digital image had!😉😁💖), and the letter font is pretty , too😊😊😊

    Dad’s funeral ceremony was even better than I’d hoped we could get it, and everyone seemed really happy with it. One of my uncles (Dad’s younger brother), seemed a *little* confused that dad “wasn’t in the box?” But I thiiiink he might understand now, that we get dad back in a year or two, and we’ll do the interment & military honors THEN, and we’ll have some sort of picnic/hog roast/summer party to celebrate then😉😁💖💞💝

    Here are the urns–and some pics of Lily, for comparison with the “generic labrador” pic on the top of her urn, too😉


  5. welp…just woke up to a not insignificant puddle in my living room…..and im really hoping it is just from the christmas tree springing a leak….coz the only other source of water in that corner of the room is the heater….and if thats sprung a leak it would be bad

    no time to figure it out yet tho…gotta go to work soon as ive mopped up

    fucking mondays man

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