Weekend Round-Up [NOT 2/10/22]

Hi, friends!

Hope your weekend went well. Did you do anything super fun? Did your sprotsball team win the match?

I drove over to Illinois yesterday to get fresh apples at an orchard. I didn’t go pick myself, because I don’t care that much. I also bought a bunch of squash, etc at the farm store.



  1. I made Zsa Zsa’s FYCE Hungarian Goulash yesterday. It was easy to prep and deliciously satisfying. Even my eldest, who is currently on a bread with butter sliced thick like it is cheese diet, ate some without a fuss and enjoyed it.

    • That sounded like a good fall/winter recipe.

      Our latest foster dog got adopted yesterday and the first report sounded promising, which wasn’t a sure thing. He is still young and has kept a lot of puppy-ness, but evidently was calmer at his new house than ours, which is a good sign. He is sweet but very full of energy.

    • Did you start Cozy Grove? I did yesterday. I’m so glad they limit the number of quests per day. I have zero self control when it comes to fun new games. They suck up all my free time.

      • I started yesterday too. I agree, I spent so much time on Spiritfarer I made myself a little sick, lol. My head hurt from too much screen time. I like Cozy Grove, it’s sweet and relaxing.

  2. I had book club and I actually read the book for once! It was called “Horse” by Geraldine Brooks. It was a quick and good read, though the ending was cliche. Overall the group enjoyed it.

    I’m up to pick next – Guess I should check Brain Drain to see if there are any good recs!


  3. Been bumming around, laughing at the cheating scandal in fishing & accusation in poker (although with THAT one, she really DIDN’T need to cheat–dude absolutely telegraphed that he had a lousy hand–that he was trying to bluff as “good–as he played the statistical odds of pulling off a win! His face was as readable as a first grader’s, when THEY’RE caught in a lie!😆😂🤣)

    This one is the most recent thing that crossed my timeline & sent me down rabbit-holes;

    It’s TRUE, y’all!😃🥰😁💖

    This one talks about it a little;


    And this one gets MUCH deeper into the details, also naming the other songs Marley credited Vincent Ford with helping him write;


    The points made in that blog article, are SO true, about the exponential factors of what would/could happen in the world, if everyone who found success reached back & pulled even just a *few* folks up after themselves💖

    What Bob Marley did, regarding Ford & his soup kitchen, honestly reminds me of the way folks in my hometown area who found success in adulthood used to reach back, through our hometown school, and quietly offer opportunities, tickets to cultural events, and funds to expand the lives & knowledge opportunities of the following generations of kids there💝

    It doesn’t *necessarily* make a big impact, in the scheme of the wider world…

    But it is completely world-changing for the folks who grow up in that space *you* used to occupy, before them💖

  4. My “sportsball team” did win!  Go Hawks!  I drank a lot of wine this weekend.  Yesterday had some friends over & today went to pick up our wine club allotment which of course meant tasting them before you get them.  Then made a nice Italian dinner with the tomato harvest from the yard & drank more wine.  Also caught a raccoon stealing my grapes today & gave him a good talking to.

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