Weekend Round-Up [NOT 27/11/22]

Hi, friends!

How did your weekend go? I hope it went well and that you’re ready for the week’s tasks.

I had a relaxing day. I didn’t go to the parents’ house for Sunday dinner since I just spent Thanksgiving with them, so I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted on my schedule.

I am marginally annoyed at the winner from the competition show, The Big Brunch. Winner hadn’t even made a budget before for expanding their business and runner up had a solid expansion plan for an already solid business.

In amazing news, all my greens in the raised beds survived multiple nights of 16-20 degree weather over a few weeks. Like I felt like this this weekend was the true test of did they make it or not since we were getting several days of temps in the low 50s, so if they truly made it, this would be the weekend to see. All that covering to prevent frost worked! So back to salads this week. ūüôā



  1. Our holiday guests went home last night as well as our youngest to get ahead of a winter storm in the mountains.  Eldest went home today so I had quality football time until I was summoned for Xmas lights!  I repeatedly asked if wife checked if they all worked before getting on ladders & the roof & was assured they did.  About 50% worked!  Now I get to go do it all again tomorrow in less forgiving conditions.

    • Ohh that sucks with not checking the lights first.

      One of the few things I really wish I had checked for when I bought my house was for the presence of an outlet on the front side. Or even the kind of porchlight that I can put the adapter thing on. Nope and nope.

      Turns out most of my neighbors just run a 50 ft extension cord from the back of their house for their Christmas lights, but that seems like a hassle. So I’ll just pick up some pine bough garlands in the next week or so and drape that on the front porch and call it a day.

      • I put an outlet on our front porch after only about a dozen years. We have no outlet in the back and I got lazy and just drilled a hole in the window frame by the laundry with a little door to keep out the wind and bugs when it’s not in use.

  2. I spent this morning writing up 65 Xmas cards. A third of those cards are for our neighbors. My kids love pretending to be mail carriers so it is a fun evening walk activity. With the tree up and the cards taken care of, I feel like I can relax and have the baby. “Seven dayyyyyys” (said in that creepy Ringu voice).

  3. Christmas lights/decorations went up.

    I also built a gear sled — we will be snowshoeing or XC skiing to a yurt in a couple weeks with another couple. Glad to have that done, really a simple build.

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