Weekend Update [NOT 25/9/21]

I changed out the plants in the front yard pots. Ornamental cabbage and pepper time of the year. We haven’t decided if we are going to put out pumpkins. The squirrels chew them to hell so they will need to be sprayed with a clear coat.

Tomorrow I will be using my new pole saw to trim up some overgrown bushes. I informed both of my neighbors about the trimming with the pole saw. We made the appropriate grunting noises at each other. Ellie just rolled her eyes.

How is your weekend going?



  1. There is zero point to putting out pumpkins at my house until right before Halloween because the squirrels always go after them. They will dully look at the dog barking at them through the porch door and keep chewing. Strangely, other houses in my neighborhood seem to have no problem.

    I started fermenting cider today and figure they’ll be drinkable by mid October.

    • Yeah squirrels will eat damn near anything else they can from my yard, but pumpkins don’t appeal to them.

      The only reason I don’t put out pumpkins is I don’t want to have to throw them away in 2 months when they are rotted and gross. My old condo? Kids/teens/weirdos would steal all the pumpkins on Halloween and I don’t know nor care what they did with them. Here people don’t do that and now I need to dispose of them myself.

      • We have someone that picks them up and takes them to the nature preserves, for the wildlife to eat. All I have to do to is make a phone call and put them on the curb.

  2. Update – I made the pumpkin bread and it’s okay. It doesn’t have enough spice flavors, which is annoying. I mean I’ll still eat it, but next time I make the recipe I’m going to possibly double the spice amounts.

  3. Busy bee, as I am most weekends while there is harvesting to be done.  Made a pot of green chile stew (yes an FYCE post will be forthcoming), a double batch of tortillas, another quart of roasted red peppers and the dough for some cinnamon icebox cookies which I will pull out of the fridge and bake tomorrow.  Looking forward to when the harvest ends so I can just sit on my ass for a change.

    Also, I finished watching Boston Legal this week.  They ended with, literally, the stupidest subplot imaginable.  Cute, 20-something lawyer falls in love with fat, 40-something lawyer with Tourette’s and Asperger’s Syndromes.  They blew right past suspension of disbelief and went head first into full on fantasy land.  It was insulting.

  4. The only time I left the house today was to walk a couple blocks up to the pharmacy. There’s a house on the way back that has a ton of grape vines with a ton of really, really good black grapes that in the 4 years we’ve been here I have never seen anyone but the squirrels eat. They hang over the fence and way into the alley, so I have snagged a few grapes to taste. I keep considering guerilla grape liberation vs. how weird it would be to go knock on their door and ask if I can harvest their grapes. Thoughts?

    I made gyros for dinner. Not from scratch this time, except for the tzatziki, but still tasty.

    • On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is a Girl Scout asking if they want to buy cookies and 10 is a cult asking for blood, maybe a 2 if you practice your pitch beforehand with someone who can help make it sound right. Worst thing is they say no.

    • Betcha they’d be cool with you asking to pick some grapes. Anytime I’ve ever discussed fruit trees or bushes with neighbors, they always refer to having so much fruit that it goes to waste and rots. Like blue dogcollar said, the worst they can say is no.

  5. going okay here….little annoyed i was out of bed by 7 am on a sunday…i have not accepted the reality that getting older means sleeping till 1 pm just isnt going to happen…unless i stay up till 6 am first

    on the upside tho…shop opens in half an hour…and that means the croissants will be fresh and warm for me

    other than that…no plans here.. F1 to watch,a little laundry to put out as it reasonably warm and sunny out and i need to fix a couple loose spokes on my bycicle….mostly coz ive been ignoring that and theres definitely more loose spokes now than there was before..

    so yeah..pretty much just puttering about doing nothing much

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