Weekend Vibes [DOT 10/2/24]

Happy weekend gang. Did this week feel long or what? Maybe it’s because I haven’t really left the house. Looking forward to getting out and about this weekend.

‘Gratuitous, inaccurate’: White House disputes special counsel report on Biden


U.S. investigates alleged Medicare fraud scheme estimated at $2 billion


S&P 500 closes above 5,000 for first time ever, notches fifth straight winning week: Live updates

Sprots! [Don’t forget to vote!]

Super Bowl guide: 49ers-Chiefs picks, key stats, predictions


Have a great weekend!



  1. Good for the S&P 500! I should really check my 401(k) at Fidelity but when I recently logged in it said my password was wrong. No it wasn’t. I hope I wasn’t hacked. I would call Fidelity and demand to speak to the manager, but my phone, which I’ve had for less than six months, is already broken (the port; it won’t charge) so I’m back to the future until Tuesday, when I’m supposed to get a replacement. Except that in the 20th century we had a landline and I was perfectly content gabbing away on that phone. We still have a coveted 212 landline number and several old-skool office-circa-Monica-Lewinsky desk phones but none of them seem to work. BH seems to think they require batteries but I don’t…

    I’m babbling. See you at Brain Drain.

    • Definitely get that checked out, and send a letter if you have to.

      If someone did hack in, the clock is ticking if you don’t do anything and companies won’t take responsibility if you don’t tell them within whatever arbitrary window they set in the 42 page terms and conditions they once sent you.

  2. But speaking of antediluvian phones…

    In my crowded and chaotic childhood home we had one single wall-mounted bakelite phone. It would have survived a nuclear blast. It was still working decades after it was installed when my mother died and that was in 2001.

    We also had my grandmother, whom I adored, and I was very obviously her favorite, much to my siblings’ and parents’ chagrin. “I can’t open this aspirin bottle.” “Well, here, I’ll open it.” “No, get Mattie. Is Mattie around?”

    Every so often she’d want to contact one of her siblings but she didn’t know how to use a telephone. She was born in 1900 and was kind of child-like. I can’t believe I’m a bridge from the Victorian/Edwardian age to the present. But I am.

    So she would hand me her address book and the phone number would be something like STuyvesant 7–1234 and I’d get on the phone and say, “Hi, Aunt [x] it’s Mattie. Nana wants to speak to you.” I was maybe 8, running the switchboard?

    I had such a happy childhood. We had absolutely no money but we all loved each other and there were hundreds of other kids around to befriend, and I loved school (except for the science and gym classes) and then I was launched into college and I never looked back.

    • Me too re linking oddly old eras @MatthewCrawley. My grandfather on my father’s side was born in 1878, my grandmother in 1884, and my father in 1918. She had her first child in 1904 and her last child in 1926, 15 children in total. My parents were in their mid-40’s when I was born. Back then they were the same age as the other kid’s grandparents. It made for a bizarre upbringing; their 1920’s child rearing beliefs and manners overlaying the changing societal mores of the 1960s-1970s

  3. ever have one of those moments where you fail to account for how many hands you have?

    i just did when i decided i absolutely needed to have a meatball in a bun with mustard whilst carrying my grocerys and months supply of tp home

    obviously putting the stuff down and stopping walking for a minute to eat wasnt an option

    anyways….i got the job done…..but im reasonably sure anyone what saw me thinks i need mental help now…

    and on the note of getting the job done….my neighbours are having a back porch built….and im honestly not sure where they found the two guys doing it….they sound eastern european but are shouting at eachother in english and handling their tools in ways that make me think im going to be seeing an ambulance here shortly…..hopefully they keep their severed limbs on their side of the fence….

    • we let 18 year olds run for parlement here and have an average age of 45 for politicians…..tho apparently the retirement age of 67 does not apply to politicians….and i am not okay with that

      anyways….doesnt look like younger politicians do a much better job of not fucking everything up from my end of the pond

      im thinking the problem might be politicians

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