Weekend Vibes! [DOT 18/12/21]

Hi All! Hope you are having a great weekend…It’s late Friday night/early Saturday AM while I’m typing this. The cat I inherited is attacking the computer screen and having some zoomies. I’m making Buckeyes this weekend and otherwise getting into the holiday baking spirit. What’s on your docket?

Southwest CEO tests positive for Covid-19 after testifying unmasked at Senate hearing

Ummmm: Kelly testified at the hearing that he believes masks do not add substantial protection to airplane passengers and cited aircraft ventilation systems.

Cancel culture is alright by me.


‘Anti-5G’ necklaces are radioactive and dangerous, Dutch nuclear experts sayhttps://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/dec/17/anti-5g-necklaces-radioactive-dutch-nuclear-experts-quantum-pendants

Almost two years later…


Dow tumbles more than 500 points to end a volatile week, S&P 500 sheds 1%


Could Deion Sanders tip college football’s power balance toward Black schools?

Apologies as I don’t remember if I posted this before and I’m too lazy to go look:

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  1. Here’s something I missed. Congress started looking into the Trump Administration’s pandemic-response Food Aid program, Food to Families, with super-successful business executive Ivanka behind the whole thing. They issued a report, and Ivanka (feebly) has lashed back. Since I don’t care about anything Ivanka has to say (although I am slightly curious to learn whether the rumors are true and that she and her husband have bionic elements and are not 100% human, I’d enjoy hearing her confirm that)—

    Where was I? Oh yes, here’s ProPublica’s report on the Congressional report.



    • She’s had some plastic surgery, it seems.

    • Let me guess… grift? *opens link*

      Yes! I win!


    • For the sake of humanity, Jared is one of those men I hope is a Ken doll below the waist.

  2. hehehehehe radioactive anti 5g shit is still funny to me

    unrelated…the rumor mill is saying propah lockdown again


    sooo…we are getting propah locked down soon ….the rumor mill is rarely wrong

    oh well

    i hope thats not region locked…

    • …the lockdown stuff bears an uncomfortable resemblance to what’s gone before…so the rumour mill might be on fairly solid ground?

      …where I struggle with it a little is how to interpret some of those suggestions in terms of what they’re designed to do?

      …in the states the spectrum of what is & isn’t allowed on an effectively local basis is basically too broad for me to get my head around what effective difference stipulations achieve over what sort of area…but the ones for the UK are sort of equally baffling for different reasons

      …so…for example…much as been made of the speed of vaccine rollout there…& now boosters…with boris claiming “twice the percentage” of boosted people than anywhere in europe (which is technically a lie – about a third of the UK has had the booster & at least one place in europe is over the 50% mark – but true if compared to an average across the EU)

      …but this omicron variant is apparently better at reinfecting people who’ve recovered from a previous variant…& logically therefore better at infecting vaccinated people…being vaccinated isn’t a guarantee of avoiding being an asymptomatic vector for infection…& one of the principal reasons cited for measures in the UK is to prevent overwhelming the health service

      …yet as I understand it the criteria under which people who’ve had contact with known cases are supposed to isolate…which I thought was intended fairly specifically to mitigate the spread of the thing…have been incrementally relaxed…& aside from running scared of going two for two on the cancelling of christmas (which they undoubtedly are) the logic of the thing just doesn’t seem to hold?

      …if we’re lucky then it’ll remain true that the omicron variant is less lethal than prior ones have been so hopefully there won’t be a return to the peaks of mortality rates…but it’s hard for me to see how the spread of the thing can be curtailed without lockdown-type restrictions coming into it…& without that being curtailed the wider spread of infection in the less vaccinated parts of the world (which disparity is I guess the other shoe being dropped in this analogy) seems almost guaranteed to produce further variants that may yet prove more virulent & potentially more lethal

      …all in all some days it’s a little hard not to feel like a lot of it boils down to arguments for needing things to be open as fully as possible as quickly as possible continuing to be the biggest contributors to reasons for needing to shut things down on a larger scale & for longer, if I’m honest?

      • over here none of it makes sense…pubs and bars are allowed to open till 5pm….coz the rona is only active after dark apparently…same goes for cinemas and shit like that…even tho they really took that whole 6ft spacing shit seriously

        schools are shutting a week early coz the gubment finally cottoned on that the wee ones do in fact catch and spread rona (it only took em two years….thats fucking quick…for them)

        childcare however will only be taken care of for those in essential jobs…..every other schmuck is shit out of luck….lot of parents suddenly in the shit now…coz who still has time off available to them this time of year?

        oh ffs…as i was typing it got anounced…hard lock down as of tomorow…everything but the supermarkets shut…no more than 2 visitors at home

        chriffmaff cancelled

        • fuck me….i underestimated the level of stupid that lives around me

          had to go shopping….snagged the last bag of tp….

          likewise on the rice….pasta is going to run out shortly too

          wtf people? the supermarkets are staying open…you know…just like all the previous lockdowns

          and what the fuck is up with the tp hoarding?

          last i heard ( and over the last fucking 2 years ive heard a lot) rona does not cause you to shit yourself to death….norovirus might tho….evil fucking shit dat…

          anyways…fuck me people is stupid here

          • given how contrarian people have been in regards to everyfuckingthing else, I fully expect the regressive assholes to denounce handwashing next.


            So, yeah, they may actually need all that bogroll…

            • i hope they shit themselves to death…..

              2 fucking years…..ive run out of patience and am seriously starting to lean towards you know what…fuck the unvaccinated and deny them healthcare

              and im fully aware of how much of a breach of freedom of choice that is….and also how badly allowing that will come around to bite me in the ass when the gubment works out they now have absolute power over everyone

              *farscy is having some frustration here and may not function properly for a little while*

  3. Trump went on an antisemitic rant, brings up the old smear of the NY Times of being run by Jews, and the NY Times prints… nothing.

    The Washington Post coverage completely tiptoes around the antisemitic background:


    Politico is at least a bit more explicit:


    The DC establishment wants to bend over backwards to deny how this works — Trump is egging on deeply embedded far right thinking that Jews aren’t American and he is pushing Israel’s place in evangelical apocalyptic ideas to justify persecuting US Jews.

    It’s not subtle, and it has an antisemitic foundation as established now as appeals to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And the NY Times and Washington Post are burying its head in the sand.

    The DC establishment still buys the GOP’s deflection that Trump isn’t antisemitic because Ivanka married Kushner. As if the fact that Trump and Henry Weinstein have married women someone stopped them from being horrible sexists.

    The US right is already engaging with open antisemitism, and repeating the failures of the past by failing to make this front page news is the road to tragedy.

  4. Stupid Jimmy Pesto with his crappy food…and all his customers. And his insurrection.
    Bob Belcher

  5. Trump is egging on deeply embedded far right thinking that Jews aren’t American and he is pushing Israel’s place in evangelical apocalyptic ideas to justify persecuting US Jews.

    Is he smart enough to do that, or is he just mouthing what Miller and Brannon tell him to say?

    • He knows exactly what he is doing. He’s seen the reactions for a long time and he knows what drives his followers.

      One of the things that the DC press completely ignores is how deeply the idea of Jews as untrustworthy others is embedded in US evangelical thought, and therefore in the GOP. You cannot see Q-N-N’s antisemitism as existing in a vacuum, you cannot see the GOP elected officials who are openly Q-N-N as anything but part of a movement, and you have to look at the openly evangelical GOP officials like Cotton and Hawley’s talk about Christian persecution and their dismay at New York City as anything else.

      And the press needs to look at the linkage between Jews and the press, as dumb as it is, as the exact threat that it is — it’s not just a promise to persecute Jews, it’s a promise to persecute the press.

      • I’m not so sure.  I find him profoundly unintelligent.  As in, not even possessing the pseudointellectualism of the typical tin-foil hat wearer.  I see no evidence that he is any kind of tactician, as his methods so often amount to out-and-out thuggery.  I think he believes that money and muscle make him right, and therefore smart.

        • I think he is shallow as hell and doesn’t understand or care what theological underpinnings are there, but the one thing he notices is that saying Israel gets them worked up and saying antisemitic stuff gets them worked up.

          I agree he’s not a clever tactician, but he’s figured out via trial and error that he can stumble his way through the language and he’ll never get serious pushback from the press or the rest of the GOP.

          He’s like a swarm of ants that can take over by probing every entry point and follows a few simple rules to exploit whatever opening can be found.

        • Honestly?

          Imo, it’s *both*

          Trump is notoriously a bigot, has been a bigot & only semi-closeted antisemite for decadesAND Miller, Bannon, et al. have his ear on the regular, with plenty of them being “Christians” & evangelicals of the “Yay, let’s bring about the Rapture!!!” sort who WANT to bring about the end times & see a war breaking out in Isreal/with Isreal as a keystone to making the apocalypse happen.

          Trump’s antisemitism & hatred gets him the ego-strokes HE desires from the slavering horde, and HIM blathering antisemitic horse-puckey gives the horde the ears & eyeballs on *their cause* THEY desire🙃

      • If my “friends”/allies wanted me and my fellow religionists to move to Israel and become fodder for Armageddon then why the hell would I want them to be my friend?

        That should be a question asked by any RW Jews constantly.


    • The choice of the word “banned” is odd, isn’t it? Why not say fired?

      • I’m not sure but I’d guess it’s a legal thing. Every state has a slew of employment laws and acting has layers and layers of union complexity laid on top of that. “Fired” may be a word they’re leery of using because it could backfire in court. Note: this is all sheer supposition on my part.

    • He’s going to find jail is not simply irresistible and never will be.

      Trump will never say “I didn’t mean to turn you on (to sedition).”

      • Wait until he gets a look at his new “backing band” once he gets there. It sure as hell won’t be The Power Station.

  6. I got invited to and went out to another team’s xmas party yesterday.

    I was the only “outsider” at the party because mostly I’m not a royal demanding pain in the ass (hated by 1/2 the shift) or creepy.  (Huzzah?)

    The other people demanding/whining about it fall into one of those categories so the person organizing it told them no.

    Needed this more than I thought.  Had a good time.



  7. I try not to care about the politics of entertainers as a personal rule. I try (and emphasize try) to keep the actor separate from the role so that I don’t personally loathe the actor for the role he/she played (to be fair, I’m not impressed with Jaleel White not because of Urkel but the fact he hit on my GF at the time AND wouldn’t take no for an answer.)

    If you’re trying to overthrow the duly elected government because of lies then I get why Jay Johnston got fired.

    I’m never happy when the political party I support loses, but I’m not treating RWers like “the Other” because they have different views than I (even though I realize many do because of my race and/or political views.) However, I don’t scream about overthrowing the government because I didn’t vote for it.

  8. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, who testified unmasked at a Senate hearing on Wednesday, has since tested positive for the coronavirus…

    This is what you get for kissing Rand Paul’s ass.

    • Airplanes might clean the air every 90 seconds or whatever, but the capitol buildings do not.

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