Weekend Vibes [DOT 3/12/22]

Hi gang. Hope you had a great week and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Is this anything?

I mean, good.

Alex Jones files for bankruptcy after billion-dollar Sandy Hook court ruling


Why Hasn’t Sam Bankman-Fried Been Arrested Yet?


‘Rogue wave’ kills American woman, injures four on Antarctic cruise

From our friend Allison!
I went to a dying honeymoon hotel to mourn the end of my marriage

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  1. Oh that’s very sad about Allison. When she was writing for The Takeout she used to write about her husband Matt and her boys. I wonder if she’ll come back to New York. The move to Baltimore has never been adequately explained to me. I wish (very selfishly) she would go back to The Takeout. It would make the infestation of pop-up ads, spon-con, slideshows, videos that no one watches, and dearth of comments all worthwhile.

  2. …I could be wrong…but the “twitter files” feels like an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill…it’s hardly contentious that people used to request things be taken down…DMCA takedowns are/were a thing for example…& I don’t follow the logic that suggests there was preferential access granted to the D side of the aisle…or think that “suppressing” citations of the NYPost article is the same as biden’s team trying to make sure people tweeting salacious images of his kid during campaign season weren’t at the top of twitter’s trending column for the day

    …but…I also don’t think twitter was exactly on top of the whole moderation thing…in large part because the scale of usage v. the scale of internal staffing with that brief was an unequal struggle even before elon’s antics…which is presumably why the reporting feature that may have been brigaded recently to drive a bunch of accounts andy ngo doesn’t like off the platform wasn’t the way they went about trying to get that stuff off the platform…or at least the trending part

    …so I guess there could be something to it…but I’m thinking more smoke & less fire until I come across a reason to revise that?

    • the more right wing types over on oppo are getting excited about it

      which makes me think its probably going to be a big pile of shite conveniently twisted to suit them….

      but i’ll wait and see i guess

      • …I gather they voted “gaslighting” the word of the year…at least at miriam webster…& obviously that’s got some other dimensions to it…but I’m starting to wonder how many people who use that term a lot really give due credit to the power of false equivalence?

    • I think on balance if you look at the nonsense that goes unchecked on social media, it skews heavily to the right.  But this Twitter thing will be another incidence where the media will focus narrowly on a particular story and leave the larger analysis to the “think pieces” that MAGAts won’t read and couldn’t fathom if they did.

    • I agree. Seems kinda “meh” to me. I’m sure it’s fun for rabid GQPers to play the victim but I highly doubt there’s a discernable pattern of conservative suppression. I mean, they let Trump spew his bile for years and years.

      If they actually start digging, it’s far more likely they’ll find that Russian and Chinese bots were allowed to run rampant and spread massive disinformation. That’s a bigger deal than some has-been actor who can’t find an audience for his stupidity.

  3. We lost our dog of 12 years this week (a lot harder than I could have ever imagined), so we are off to animal control to try and rescue and be rescued. Even though I don’t really know anyone here, I can not adequately express how meaningful this site is to me. Thank you once again, all, for all you do.

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