Weekend Wrap-up [NOT 19/12/21]

picture of David Rose from Schitt's Creek and the quote "I'm trying very hard not to connect with people right now."
Me after this afternoon

Hi, friends!

How is your weekend going? Anything interesting happen today?

I needed to go to Wallyworld to restock the mini pantry and get a few odds and ends for myself. I hate going to Wallyworld. I hate how it’s laid out. I hate the lack of space to wait in lines. I hate the Walton family and everything they represent. But sometimes I still end up shopping there for whatever reasons.


It was a remarkably dull visit until I went to check out and then I kept hearing a dog bark. The cashier says to me “I guess it’s a service dog” but those don’t typically bark like an overexcited dog in a store.

As I was leaving, I got to watch a full-on adult meltdown by a lady with a golden retriever/poodle mix in the self checkout when the manager told her dogs weren’t allowed and she needed to leave. She was arguing it was a service dog.

Friends, this was not a service dog. This was a happy large doggo wagging its tail and barking at people. No vest, no harness, basic collar and leash. It might be an emotional support dog, but really it looked like a pet. I have a family member with a seeing eye dog, and I get annoyed at how people will order vests or shit on the internet so they can scream that their pet is a service dog or an emotional support dog just so they can keep their dogs with them. Not only does that undermine how people need actual emotional support animals, but also I swear to fucking god it’s always such ill-behaved dogs that people do this with.

Anyways I didn’t see how this ended, but I did notice all the front end people watching with 1 eye while they did the rest of their work. Also kudos to the manager for their calm and chill energy during all this.



  1. I’m crazy about my dog, and dogs in general. But I would never pretend she’s a service animal or even an emotional support dog. People who do are essentially claiming they’re disabled when they aren’t. That’s messed up for a lot of reasons.

    I met a friend and his pup at the dog park for a play date and coffee. It was pretty cold but we walked a lot and the dogs had a blast. It was a good way to spend the morning. But then I had to make a duty visit to a former coworker. He’s disabled and prior to the pandemic I cooked for him a lot. It was sort of a relief to have an excuse to stop. Because he’s a hoarder and the chaos he lives in causes me a anxiety. It’s not just clutter, it’s filthy. But I know he’s lonely, and there’s only a few people he lets into his house because of the way he lives. So I went, took him some food, visited, and came home and took the hottest shower I could stand. That was not a good way to spend the afternoon.

  2. Both times when I had to deal with errant pets in the neighborhood, I lit into the owner (unlike my dad.)

    A pet (trained or not) is doing what they’re doing.  Good bad or indifferent.  The problem is always the fucking idiot who puts said pet in a situation.

    No different than the Ikea monkey from almost a decade ago and the idiots who “owned” it.

  3. Ah crap.  The wife and I were planning on driving up to Chicago to see our daughter the day after New Years but now it looks like those plans are scotched because of another virus outbreak.  I was really looking forward to seeing people.  We still have some days before we have to cancel, but goddamn it.

  4. Both kids are getting boosted in a couple of days so that’s a relief. I have ordered some home tests from Wegmans and knock on wood they arrive before possible visitors, but now it’s looking a lot less sure if they will be coming. Can’t say I’d be surprised if we have a very quiet Christmas. More leftovers for us.

  5. We are all vaxxed & boosted & only hanging out with people in same situation.  If you are in that category your chances of ending up sick are very low.  Today we went on a short hike, shopping & lunch.  Everyplace is checking vax cards & our state is well over 70%, closer to 90% in areas we are in.  I’m at the point where I will be cautious but not going back to fearful anymore.  If you refuse to be vaccinated at this point you deserve your fate or don’t go out in public.

    • I’ve been hitting up bars/take out places on weekends, and getting a drink and reading a bit, maybe even getting something small to eat whilst waiting for my takeout order.


      I’m thinking maybe I should dial that back a bit.  Granted, I think I’m in one of the better areas of the nation, but still, I shouldn’t be contributing to potential asymptomatic spread, or just a careless atmosphere/attitude.


      Fucking hell, I’m about ready to go to war with these damned idiot regressives.  fucking bigots, misogynists, and now plague rats to top it off…

  6. I juuuuust got back home to Mpls a little bit ago, from being at Dad’s place this weekend. He was heading off to the shower when I got over there today, so I basically did a “hi/bye, see you on Tuesday Evening!”

    And wrote all that, plus the fact that *I* am going to drive him to the Colonoscopy on Weds, on his calendar-whiteboard so that *he* knows it, and any family who visits catches it, too.

    We have work at the school on Monday & Tuesday, and then we’re off until the 3rd, so I’ll be packing for the week+ tomorrow night, and getting together stuff like the paper shredder, a sewing machine, & my Little Green Machine (carpet cleaner), so they’re all set to go when Lily & i head back up there Tuesday night.

  7. *twiddles thumbs*

    im not taking very well to being locked down again….which is wierd coz its not like its fucking up any big plans i had…..its just pissing me off this time…. probably means my mental health is not in a great place

    and on that note…today im going to hug everyone in the office… you know…coz i apreciate them sooooo much….and also coz my sense of taste has gone missing….figure ill mention that after ive breathed in every office for a day or two….see how they like it

    • fwiw,,,i seem to be fine..self tests negative…just an exceptionally phlegmy cold…

      ill still be getting a proper test a couple days from now…. i dont really mind infecting the office

      but im going for christmas dinner at my mums…cant risk her…shes not replaceable

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