Weekending! [DOT 16/7/21]

Hi gang! Hope everyone had a great week.

Short programming note: the so-called “Bored of Directors” around here occasionally gets together on Zoom for a little Happy Hour. We plan to do so this evening at 6 PM EST. If anyone is interested in popping in and saying “hi!”, DM me for the link.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled DOT…

At least 67 dead and hundreds missing as flooding rages across Germany and Belgium


Canada may open its borders to vaccinated travelers by early September, Trudeau says

I mean…people could get fucking VACCINATED!
We have to do something dramatic to protect the US against Covid-19, expert sayshttps://www.cnn.com/2021/07/16/health/us-coronavirus-friday/index.html


Yellen sees ‘several more months of rapid inflation’ before easing, worries about housing impact


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  1. Here in the pleasant village of Manhattan-on-Hudson, New Yorkshire, the Annual Running of the Goats went splendidly, with many townsfolk in attendance. The goats will reside on one of our various Commons for the duration of the summer. 


      • Sadly I did not, but had I known about this during the First Running of the Goats two years ago I could have taken a (long) walk and joined in.

    • They need to bring the sheep back to Central Park and the shad fisheries to the banks of the Hudson.

  2. I suppose 5 women on a baseball broadcast team is a good thing but it would have been better if they weren’t all white women. Baby steps, I guess.
    The Yankees/redsux game was postponed because 6 NYY players tested positive for Covid and the NYY are over 85% vaccinated. The sux are not over the 85% threshold. I found that interesting. We are not even close to out of covid danger.

  3. I am nonplussed by the true evil of discouraging vaccination, for political gain, engendered by Republicans. I think that their actions hit all three basic types of evil, the moral, physical, and metaphysical. This callousness and cruelty is hard to understand.

    We had two weeks of going “out and about” but are now back to hibernation. Locally the mask mandate has lifted, the Delta variant is trending to be the major Covid-19 strain, and our county had a 91% increase in cases last week over the week prior.

    • The GOP is America’s abusive boyfriend. If I can’t have you no one can.

        • and the inevitable Jaws reference, we caught a tiger shark but the great white is still out there…

        • @MemeWeaver I originally wanted to say abusive partner, to acknowledge that not all intimate partner violence is committed by men. But the GOP is classic toxic masculinity at work so I went with boyfriend.

          • That’s more well thought-out than my posts!

            • And most of mine, lol

          • arguably “not all”, but far and away, “almost all”

  4. “They call it stormy Monday, and Tuesdays oh so bad. Wednesdays even worse and Thursdays oh so sad…” 
    Well THIS eagle flew the coop on Friday for a 3 day weekend.   Phillies double header today, and smokin a brisket for Saturday. I’ll be drinking by 2pm. Enjoy the heat and humidity all!

    • @Yellowbird Do you watch Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire? I caught an episode last night where he made Baltimore Pit Beef. It looked good but the setup looked like it cost big $$. Probably worth the trip to Pulaski Highway, maybe Camden Yards. oooh, I wonder if they sell pit beef at Camden Yards!

      • I had pit beef and I think the great thing about it is it skips all of the fussy BS that modern BBQ has become.
        Take a big chunk of cheap beef. Put whatever you want on it as long as it isn’t fancy. Grill it and slice it. Like shoe leather? What the hell do I care, take the bits off the end before I feed it to the dog. Like it bloody? Get the slices from the middle. Want to put ketchup on it? There’s a bottle in the fridge, get me a beer while you’re at it.
        Want to sniff about misty historical origin stories and rules about how it must be cooked like some kind of weirdo? Now you’ve gone too far! Shut the hell up!

        • I grew in Kansas City, and I wholeheartedly agree. “Artisan BBQ” can die out. 

      • I don’t know if it’s “pit beef,” but Boog Powell has a BBQ place behind the RF wall.  Most nights you can get a picture and an autograph, too.

      • @sedevilc 
        Mad scientist bbq on YouTube is my professor

  5. The Dem’s monthly Child Tax Credits start being paid today. The budget bill they are wrestling through the Senate would extend it for a decade.
    It’s a huge deal and makes a big difference for tens of millions. Predictably, DC pundits are yawning and treating it as far less juicy than the Trump tax cuts for millionaires. Those were seen as validation for narratives of GOP power. This isn’t even seen as worth any bandwidth.

    • Marketplace has been talking about it quite a bit over the past week, but they clearly don’t have the reach of the major TV shows.

      • What I find interesting is that it’s being treated by the press as a mechanics and logistics story — here’s how it gets delivered, here’s the technical qualifiers.
        The piece that is getting ignored is the stuff pundits usually gush over — one side fights tooth and nail to stop it, the other side prevails, one side gets a big benefit out to voters who lean their way, one side gets crumbs.
        The political reporting establishment is stuck in a narrative that was written 40 years ago with the Reagan tax cuts back when Arthur, the first Raiders movie and Superman 2 were on the screen. And they wonder why the public tunes out.

      • My 18-year-old eats a lot. WHERES MY MONEY BIDEN

  6. LA going back to masks, my wife has been very good at predicting where we are heading and is very concerned that we all may go back soon.  I think it will be a tougher sell as 100% of hospital admits in most places are unvaccinated.
    On an unrelated note, over some beers yesterday my friend and I ganged up on our republican friend.  We tried to get to the root of his support since he says he hates Trump but still votes for him.  He said young people all want socialism and eventually communism.  I always wonder where he gets this shit until I look at this site to see what the “right” is talking about…

    • I have a feeling all of the US (well, blue US) will be masking or locking down again eventually.

    • I mean, we really can’t be that surprised.  We all knew that Joe isn’t a liberal.  The main difference between him and President Obama (much less Hillary Clinton) is that he at least knows he can’t just blow us off and expect us to follow along blindly.  That doesn’t mean he won’t still pull stuff like this when he feels the need.

  7. germany really got it bad..that deathtoll isnt done rising yet..officially over 100 now with many times that still missing.. belgium is up to 22 fatalities…and over here in the south the dykes are failing..so far the evacuations seem to be keeping up tho so no fatalities here
    its officially a disaster now…which i think frees up funds for dealing with it
    and on the note of disasters (of a much smaller scale) my teamlead/ shop co ordinator just demoted himself back down to floor staff…effective immediately…seems he had enough of management not listening to reason…
    the guy that will be taking his place is an incompetent yes man
    welp….this should be fun…i love a good dumpster fire

    • in unrelated news i just learnt i have stockholm syndrome….for shopping trolleys
      since the measures have gone im allowed to use shopping baskets again
      but i need my trolley now…its a trusty companion for me to lean on….and occassionally drift around the isles whilst making engine noises….i dont want to shop without it anymore

      • Like Cousin Matthew and his rollenator

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