Weekly Complaints Post [NOT 14/12/20]

image of file folders and one in the center labelled "complaints"
If I had this folder, it'd be so fucking full that I would need to sort them by month.

It’s that time, friends! Time for the complaints post.

Are your grievances on whatever topic you like. I shall start in the comments.

No topic too big or too small!



    • …I am now warm again but there was a point today when I was not…& was pretty much soaked to the skin to boot…that part of my day more or less sucked so this post is pretty much right on the money?

      …also…hope you manage to warm up sooner than later

    • Yeah, I got one of those free smart thermostats that they were giving out a while ago, after finally getting my AC fixed and the technician noticed that the old one wasn’t working too well anymore. But now the furnace isn’t responding to it, and it’s starting to get chilly enough in here to put my nipples on edge, so I’m having to put in another fucking service request.

    • …ugh…I mean, I get it – they’re idiots so the work is hard for them…but how is it that they always do such a poor job of pretending to be so dumb they don’t get how insulting it is not to acknowledge that you can see what they’re doing because you’re not an idiot?

      …plus it’s been my experience that the people trying to get other people to do the work that is nominally part of their job (rather than the “other people”) are all too frequently the better paid…which is probably a metaphor for something else I’m almost certain I’d hate if I thought about it?

        • …congrats – & long may it continue…I have done that from time to time but who I work with/for is a pretty movable feast these days…& some days are definitely not of that calibre, sadly

          …so I might have had an example or two in mind but I think it was mostly somewhat of a general observation this time

    • in my case i actually work for fucking idiots….(im also pretty sure said idiots think we’re all idiots that need shit spelled out for us)
      serious case of snooty better than you management at my job…with a side of hey lets treat the techs like they’re in primary school

  1. I’m on-call and I don’t like it. I hate having to be glued to my phone and I hate not being able to fully relax. I think I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to move onto another position that doesn’t require being on-call. Ill probably wait until I get licensed, but that should only be another 6 months or so. 

    • I very very large part of my motivation to change jobs has been the on-call responsibilities. No argument from me when someone is like “I don’t like being on-call.”

      At least compensate accordingly, you know?

      • Yes! We get paid a bit more to be on-call, but it’s not nearly enough IMO. I much rather make a bit less every year and not have to be on-call for a week every 6 to 8 weeks. 

    • Yeah, I did that shit for just about exactly 10 years. I stopped when the agency renegotiated our contract in a way that put the interpreters at a disadvantage (to say the very least), but by then I probably would’ve gotten out of it anyway.
      I’m in a full-time position now with a set schedule that pays me, on average, a bit more than I was making with the agency, which is so much better. (I also have benefits now and paid time off, which almost would’ve been a second thought if it didn’t feel so awesome to have that finally.)

  2. My boss, who I respect and like, and who is a kind and lovely person, was manic today. MANIC. I was pinged constantly and finally just gave up on the one project I wanted to accomplish today, so that I could attend to her needs. Examples: 1. where is that link? (For her own project) 2. Where is that folder? (For her own project). 3. Why don’t we completely change a product offering so it can be sent out today. ( For my project, requiring new overview sheets, contracts, and content). 4. Where is there a list of the people to send it to? …and so on. The best part? Her questions on slack; if I was answering another coworker, she kept pinging Hello? Hello? until I stopped with the other person and solved her issue. Basically I am just whining. I like my job and the people I work with. The Google outage cost me my “private hour” to get stuff done, and was easily irritated all day. Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustrations. 

  3. I’ve been very much looking forward to Festivus to air my grievances so I might as well do a test run.  I make dinner every night but lately I have been working late or working away from home but nobody steps up to make dinner.  They just expect me to do it & even pre-make meals if I’m going away for days.  When I didn’t do that & forced them to cook, I heard about great things my daughters cooked.  Nobody ever offers to cook for me!  I feel like I failed somewhere along the way since I was a stay at home parent with them.  I take all their failures as my failures since my job was to raise them.  Ok, rant is getting long & I need to go make dinner!

  4. File under High Class Problem #526:
    Our Butcher Box bills on the 23rd of the month, which means we can’t order a special cut of meat for either Thanksgiving or Christmas each year.  Which means I have to go to Whole Fucking Foods for their overpriced grass fed meat.

  5. You ever have one of those days where you just hate everything? Like, no good reason, just everything and everyone sucks and can they all just go the fuck away? I’m having one of those days. Unfortunately, there’s no “away”. I wish I had a door on my library closet and not just a curtain. 
    Oh, and, just to add insult to injury, I’m cooking brats for the guys, along with leftover not-enchiladas and rice, none of which I can eat. I had a vegetarian Lean Cuisine, shepherd’s pie with mushroom gravy. In which was a large chunk of… something… which was clearly inedible and made my stomach turn when I bit into it. So much for that. 

      • It was really gross. At first, I thought it was one of those really woody-feeling bits of carrot you get in processed food sometimes, but, no. I didn’t even examine it too closely… I didn’t want to know!

    • …I think I know the kind of day(s) you mean…but it wasn’t until I first lived in a place that I didn’t share that I fully appreciated the difference it can make to be able to shut the rest of the world outside your door…not having to keep whatever subconcious process it is that remembers not to let that feeling show up where people around you are liable to notice is a level of relaxation it’s hard to do justice in words

      …so, sincerely – best of luck with that & I hope tomorrow treats you with at least a semblance of the respect you deserve?

      • I hope today will be better! At least I don’t feel like I woke up under a little dark cloud, so far.
        I’ve never lived alone, never even spent a single night alone. Sometimes I wonder what that would be like. 

        • …it’s not something that works out great for everyone (at least from what I’ve seen in some cases)…& it’s possible that even those it does suit might be better not doing it for too long if they don’t want to become too hard to live with thereafter…or what some people I know would describe as “set in their ways”

          …but in my experience it can have at least some discernible upsides…it’s always your turn with the washing machine & it’s almost never someone else’s washing up in the sink

          …then again it’s always your turn to do laundry & no one else is going to do that washing up…so…swings & roundabouts?

  6. Things have been remarkably not-terrible for me recently.  Not that I don’t have complaints, mind you, just not about anything terribly important/significant.
    Most of my complaints aren’t something I personally deal with, just more the state of affairs in the U.S.  fucking anti-vaxxers, science deniers, goddamned selfish shallow assholes, etc.  Assholes who oppose student loan debt forgiveness because “it isn’t fair to people who paid theirs off”, animated Dunning-Krugers who call AOC “dimbulb”, “centrists” who want the left to do more to compromise with and court the right, people who worry more about the stock market then the lives and welfare of their fellow humans, fucking bootlickers…

  7. whatever the fuck keeps waking me up at 2 or 3 am can go the fuck away
    i get up at 5am for work and tend not to go to bed much before midnight…waking up right in the middle is a bit of a shit
    sometimes im already dressed and making myself a coffee before i figure out its fucking 3 am
    and in this nights case i woke up absolutely drenched in sweat…which is a little concerning…but asides from being extra grumpy this morning i feel fine…sooo… meh?

  8. oh also panic buying as we just got locked down again
    the supermarkets are staying open…if anything the supply lines will work better with reduced traffic on the road
    why the fuck are people emptying the shelves like its the fucking apocalypse?
    and what the fuck is the deal with the tp hoarding?…like…where are people even stashing all that shit?… i swear some people must be living in tp forts now

    • Back in round one, there was a brief bit where a bunch of internet jackasses tried to play “all smarter than thou”, and claim the problem wasn’t actually hoarding, but that something about institutional TP vs domestic TP, etc., etc., lookatmeimverysmart, etc.
      But, the TP shortages started long before the mass work-from-home, and, although it’s mostly anecdotal, I noticed that stores that didn’t follow guidelines or enact rationing policies were almost always completely sold out of TP.  The stores that had signs (and enforced…) rationing policies like “one package per group” often had TP – maybe not completely full shelves, but far from empty, and with some choice remaining.
      I think a lot of SF/dystopian authors have found the details of this shittyapocalypse infuriating.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve given up on predictions, and just made up a D&D style table with various products listed and roll a % to see what to have shortages of in their next novel…

  9. We should be celebrating! The electoral college banged another nail in Cheeto’s coffin yesterday! I went to bed early because I felt like I was coming down with something and had the weirdest dreams. Like I dreamt my deceased ex was still alive and still didn’t love me. hmmph. Also, I had a pet lizard named Fiona that I couldn’t find, she was somewhere in the house, eating who knows what and I went around putting bananas in places I thought she might be in order to lure her out. Do lizards eat bananas?? I don’t even know.
    So, I’m happy today, my life is surreal but not as surreal as that!

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