Weirdos [NOT 6/10/22]

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Hi, friends!

I know, I know. This title is too vague. There are so many flavors of weirdos out there, whom could I be thinking of?


One of the Facebook groups I’m in was mocking this thing that has shown up on Twitter and tiktok about “linewives.” In keeping with the traditions of dependas and police wives, etc, it’s women defining their identity by their husbands’ jobs.

In this case it’s electric linemen. They’re sent to areas after natural disasters to help get electrical utilities up quickly when the local ones are overwhelmed.

Well! These poor linewives are so upset because there’s “bucket bunnies” out to seduce their men folk and they just work so hard as wives that it’s just so cruel of these whores to target their men!

Adding fuel to this fire are Florida women joking about how the influx of repair and construction folks to the area have improved their tinder, etc options.

Anyways, saw this hot mess and had to share!



  1. My mom always identified herself as an “officer’s wife” & even ran a support group for the other wives.  I think that is was an almost required thing.  When my girls were little I would get together with the other SAHDs (stay at home dads). We were pretty early in the game & many of the moms were unaccepting of us.  The group eventually became my beer club & we are all still close friends.  I don’t get any of the shit in that story though but I don’t get much of the “look at me” social media.

    • I think there’s a huge difference culturally with officer wives a few decades ago, too, and the obsession with police culture/thin blue line crap we have now. Like now everyone knows someone with a cricut that will make all sorts of labelled crap to telegraph their wife identity.

  2. Most people working in disaster recovery work insanely long hours in terrible conditions. I doubt the linemen have the time or energy for “bucket bunnies”. I’m rolling my eyes at the linewives for their manufactured outrage. And calling themselves linewives.

  3. Oh, for fuck’s sake. This is nothing new. Here, I’ll elucidate. Some salespeople fuck around on their wives. Some cops fuck around on their wives. Some firefighters fuck around on their wives. Some college professors fuck around on their wives.

    And guess what? I know men in all of those professions who have done exactly that. And I also know women in all of those professions who have done exactly that.

    People who have a propensity to fuck around are going to fuck around. It’s been that way since the invention of people.

    • Yeah the issue to me is that they’re willing to blame everyone else for their spouse cheating except the spouse doing the cheating.

      And to your point — people who are going to cheat and who work in jobs that make it even easier to cheat? Yeah, they’re definitely going to cheat when they are traveling for work.

  4. over here we put the vast majority of our electric cables underground….you know…. so we dont constantly need to send out line men to get seduced by bucket bunnies

    …… may fucking need divers soon the way the sea level is going tho

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