1. Fresh hop ales, going to Yakima during the harvest & the smell of hops everywhere is the best.  I’ve had a few fresh hop ipa’s so far this year and the Sabro ones have been amazing!  After that, the fall colors make me feel good.  I hope we get a good leaf change this year because a few of the last years we have gone almost straight from summer to winter with a very short fall.

  2. I like apple picking. A few years ago there was a contrarian backlash from the usual cruds at Slate and The Atlantic, with all the expected snobbery about efficiency and superficial class analysis, but they all missed the point. It’s nice to go out in the country and get some apples and a jug of cider. Don’t overthink it.

    • Class analysis? Is it an upper-class thing or a lower-class thing to do? Maybe upper class if you do it for fun and lower class if it’s your job? What a strange take on a particularly popular and wholesome autumn ritual.

      • It was the kind of stuff The Atlantic’s upper middle educated class does to try to put the middle educated class in their place — lots of strawman projection that the middle educated class is in a fantasy world which they, the upper middle educated class, can sneer at.

        We at The Atlantic know what’s actually authentic, while you wannabes cannot dream what lies beneath the veneer of hay rides and petting zoo sheep.

  3. I like the cool (relatively) fresh air.  A welcome change from the grungy humid air of summer.

    Not so much with the pumpkin spice.  A little goes a long way, this is just overkill.

  4. It turns out I did something nice for someone.  I helped them land a temp promotion (I wasn’t applying for this position but I did the last time and, er, shockingly didn’t land it.)  I poured over what I did wrong and figured out what the higher ups wanted (took some notes.) When this coworker applied, I gave her my notes to help with her application. My notes helped the person tailor their response to the application and it turned out I was right.

    I’m glad she got the role as she was worried that she had flopped when management didn’t respond to her for several weeks.  I reassured her that they’re quick to kick people out of contention (ahem) and that if she flopped she would have known within a week or so (ahem.)

  5. Cool breezes on bright days, all the colours as the leaves start to change, the smell of smoke from wood-fired heaters and burning leaves, apple picking and canning, pumpkin bread, Halloween, hot cider with cinnamon… fall is my favourite season 🙂

    • I have a bunch of pawpaw saplings I keep meaning to plant in my park and still haven’t gotten around to.

      The fruit they came from had a much worse ratio of seeds to fruit.

  6. The smell of the leaves on the ground, the relatively cool air, wearing long sleeves. I was born during the season, and I think that may be why I identify with it so much.

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