Welcome to the Weekend [DOT 26/3/22]

War, what is it good for?

Russia begins to mobilize military reinforcements for Ukraine as casualties mount, Pentagon says

Sprots! Dang I think I had Purdue going pretty far.

Saint Peter’s does it again, shocking Purdue and proving ‘more is possible’ in March Madness


Stock market news live updates: S&P 500, Dow notch second week of gains, Nasdaq falters as bond yields rise

Damn that’s sad.

I got nothing else.



  1. Hey, remember this war?  Of course not, because they are not white people that look like us we are fine giving a corrupt power that won’t even answer our phone calls weapons to continue killing innocent women and children…


    and speaking of racist shit!


    and equally as stupid…

    • Ironic how TV mirrors real life.  I was watching S5 of the Expanse and Chrisjen Avasarala is the only one not losing their shit among the Earth leaders.

      Hysteria among white conservative males is astonishing.

      To be blunt what they say about others is what they really are (oh psychological projection….)

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