Welcome Wednesday [DOT 7/7/21]

At least it’s a short week, so we are already to Wednesday!

Ex-police captain Eric Adams wins Democratic primary for New York mayor

Have you guys been following this? I hope she gets all the accolades and career wins she deserves!

Nikole Hannah-Jones Turns Down UNC Job After Fight to Get Tenure

Racists done fucked up.


U.S. stock futures are slightly lower after S&P 500 snaps 7-day winning streak


Sha’Carri Richardson will miss Tokyo Olympics after exclusion from U.S. 4×100 relay team

Everyone knows not to go there, right? If not, consider this a PSA.

Who you got, Deadsplinters?



  1. Do not go to Lake Lanier. Ever. I hate that Sha’Carri Richardson got bumped out of the Olympics for outdated views on weed.
    Every actor in Galaxy Quest was perfectly cast. 
    Also, anyone following the Tour De France. Weirdly, I’ve become very invested in Mark Cavendish’s late career comeback. 

  2. Sorry to be bouncing around all of the posts this morning – I’ve already had two cups of tea but – Happy 75th Anniversary to the lovely Mr. Jimmy and Rosalyn.

  3. RE: Lake Lanier
    “Mass graves” is probably an overstatement, but there were definitely lynchings in Oscarville, which now lies under the lake. And over 1,000 Black people were forced out of their homes and out of Forsyth County in a racist purge, long before the dam installation. Counties north of Atlanta have a long history of racism that still persists (Cobb County notoriously refused a MARTA line because “black people would use it to come to Cobb County”). Even now those counties are about 4% Black, which shows how effective the bigotry is. 
    Lake Lanier is better known now for the constant deaths there. Over 200 people have died since 1994. When we lived in Atlanta, it seemed that every month someone else died on the lake. Lot of talk of ghosts and curses. My observations suggest that there are a lot of dumbasses who go boating on the lake (one got so drunk he forgot he couldn’t swim — seriously). A lot of the bodies don’t get recovered because of all the forests and buildings along the lake bottom. 

  4. The fireworks detonation by the LAPD gone terribly wrong keeps getting dumber.
    It turns out the local TV News was invited by the LAPD to film the detonation, and even after the PD completely botched it, the local news ran with stories following the LAPD spin.
    It’s like Fight Club. Rule #1 of the media game is never cover the media game.

    • Another good one was Charles Bronson in “Death Wish.” Toward the end he goes to the TWA terminal at Kennedy and it’s just perfect. The pay phones. The signage. The post card rack. The carpeting. The windows. The 1974 outfits on the extras. Oh, and Charles Bronson’s in that scene too. 

    • Odds are 10-1 it’s a PR stunt that never moves forward. Trump’s targets have money and lawyers, and they don’t even need to subpoena Facebook and Twitter for evidence because they already have it all. There is no way Trump wants to open himself up for discovery claims by his targets or go on the stand and risk perjury claims. This disappears quietly, probably when he never files.
      Like the LA local TV news parroting the LAPD’s damage control spin for a disastrous demolition created for the benefit of the LA local TV news, Axios is a willing partner in this PR stunt.
      And like the LA TV news, Axios follows the first rule of the PR manipulation of the news game — never admit there is a game.

      • Trump will use this as an excuse to bilk his worshippers out of more money. “You need to help me win this fight for all of you. Send your money to ….” 
        It’s not any more complicated than that. 

        • I actually think Trump is savvy in some ways, and one of them is to maximize the number of angles he plays.
          He’s like a hardcore multilevel marketing scammer. If he can’t sell a whole franchise, at least he’s getting a deposit. If he can’t get a deposit, at least he’s at least moving some product. If he can’t move some product, at least he’s adding to his list of leads.
          His selection of things he’s selling are dumb on their face — Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Lawsuits. But I think he’s never done them for a single purpose. The lawsuit isn’t just about publicity, it’s about fundraising, it’s about discrediting opponents, it’s about keeping up the pressure on supposedly neutral refs in the press, and it’s about maintaining his network.
          The Democrats, unfortunately, tend to work on single tracks. They move one step at a time, and see each move as necessarily being in a sequence with following moves. The problem is that they end up scared away from anything which can help them or hurt the GOP if they can’t see a clearcut path to a single winning policy objective.
          Oh, the odds of passing legislation are low, so why bother holding hearings? And if we can’t hold hearings, we shouldn’t bother raising the issue at all. And if we can’t raise that issue, we shouldn’t touch related issues either….
          Which doesn’t mean the Democrats should be chasing dumb policies, but they should think harder about pushing strategies which may not succeed outright but have a lot of useful side benefits.

    • Well, Rudy’s law license is suspended so … yeah, Trump will probably put him in charge. I’d say “hire” him, but Rudy still hasn’t gotten paid from the last time he worked for Trump. 

  5. Oh, I forgot to post this yesterday. In my ongoing quest to determine Melania’s employment status, I found this:
    According to Michael Wolff’s new Trump book, it’s “unclear” whether or not Melania lives at Mar-a-Lago. 
    Also, and I had not heard this before but happened across it as part of reviews of Wolff’s book, another book by Mary Jordan claimed that Melania’s initial refusal to move into the White House was part of a renegotiation of her prenuptial agreement. She needed to “amend her financial arrangement with Trump.” Which we of course knew, but it’s always interesting to see it confirmed. Mel plays hardball. 

    • The last bit is awfully interesting:
      “She wanted proof in writing that when it came to financial opportunities and inheritance, Barron would be treated as more of an equal to Trump’s oldest three children.”
      She’s obviously thinking of a time when Trump is out of the picture and wants Barron as a bargaining chip with the older kids. This is creepy stuff.

    • I always suspected Mel was the smartest one of the bunch. If her husband had ever let her in on stuff and listened to her advice I bet he’d be no less evil but a lot more legitimately successful, at least financially. 

      Furthermore, I bet Mel is actually a lot of fun. I think, of course, of her Christmas spirit. “Who gives a fuck about Christmas.” Those sinister red trees in the allée she created in the White House, like something out of a Grimms fairy tale, but in the original German, where things aren’t so sanitized and don’t always go so well. There’s an Easter photo where she’s wearing this look of utter contempt and you can imagine she’s thinking, “If that carpenter got in my vay I vould crucify him myself.”

      • Yep!
        She grew up with a dad who was… “in politics” back in Slovenia, back under Communism…
        Of COURSE she’s got machinations going on, and knows how to code for the situation😉
        And YEAH, she’s a damn sight smarter than ANY of them, because she doesn’t run her yap to the press allllll the time (Sr. & Jr.!)…
        She’s the sort to sit back, watch what the others are doing, drop her own bits of poison as needed (those Birther comments back in the day, and the “I don’t really care” jacket being *two* prime examples), and then keep her mask firmly in place, as she gaslight the everloving hell out of anyone who dares to call her out on it.
        Her husband & step kids can’t keep their emotions locked down enough, to pull off that level of scheming–we’ve seen how they all eventually lose it & fly off the handle.🤨

      • I have no doubt Mel is the smartest. And yes, I believe she could actually come up with ways to make money, either legal or illegal, if any of the gaggle of idiots was smart enough to actually listen to her. 
        I frankly would not be surprised to see her owning and running the Trump Organization one day, and I would further not be surprised to see any or all of the Trump offspring, save only Barron, meet with untimely accidents. 

      • There is no doubt Mel is the smartest of the clan. And yes, she could have made the imbeciles money if they were inclined to listen to her, which of course they are not. 
        I would not be surprised to see Mel take over the Trump Organization one day. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump’s other offspring meet with a series of untimely accidents. Mel’s alibi will be airtight. 

    • Ngl, my first and second reactions to that line in the WaPo article about Mel ensuring Barron has dual US & Slovenian citizenship were 1. Of COURSE she wants him to have dual citizenship–it’s MUCH easier to flee the country, when you own a second, legitimate, passport–and that way he won’t slow mommy down!
      And 2 was to check and see if the US has a current Extradition Treaty with Slovenia… it appears we do.  Buuuuut, has anyone checked?–is it one of the things Trumpty-dumpty tried to E.O. out of commission, on his way out the door?🤔
      Apparently Slovenia is an EU member, though, so maybe she really does think there’s going to be a TrumpCo around, when Barron gets older?

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