Well, awkward [NOT 17/2/22]

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Hi, friends!

So lately I’ve been joking a lot about my current dumpster fire work situation and today I massively stuck my foot in my mouth.

Not once! Not twice! Three times!

Two of the three times I was like eh fuck it, I said what I said.

That third time though? Inadvertently I made it sound like a person whom I’m working with isn’t doing shit. That’s not the case, it’s just a situation of that person’s area doesn’t cover everything I need to know so I’ve had to ask more folks for clarification. But looking at the response, if I were them I’d be like what the fuck, lady. I tried to salvage it with a quick reply but also I’m worried I have insulted this person.

Fingers crossed I’m overthinking it.

How’s your week going? Anything good happen today? Lots of people got significant snowfall, which thankfully did not happen to me.



  1. Looks like hanging out in San Diego might have got me sucked back into the surf industry.  Not sure how this is going to work out but all the players are people I trust with my life so not too many jobs you can say that.

    • Yeah my oh shit better reply quickly email was basically of the format that “so and so has been extremely helpful as I’m trying to learn this new widget thingamajig and the biggest impediment here is me not knowing enough yet to know which people to ask what stuff from.” which is 100% true. So I am hopeful that things will be okay.

    • I brought this up in another context, but it’s a valuable life skill.

      Being able to make a simple offer to sit down and figure out how to make things better disarms most people, and they won’t even take you up on it most of the time!

  2. i just woke up at 3 a thinking i was late for work

    then figured out 1….its 3 am….im not fucking late

    2 i took today off

    panic over…..going back to bed for a few hours…cant lie in for too long..gotta get shopping done before the storm comes

  3. I’m in a position to tell engineers (sorry… “engineers”) and designers and architects and “printers” (who are stuck in the 90’s because *coughs* they’ve been doing this for 30 years…of course the technology has become so far advanced that they’ve been doing it wrong for the past 20) that they are wrong.

    Try to tell these people that they’re wrong, though. They know everything.

    I prove them wrong by yammering on about physics and put forth actual fool-proof data that to me is very basic, like 101, but to them is so far above their heads I gleefully call them idiots to their faces…with zero remorse.

    But I definitely understand that feeling you get when you are worried about how your words, behaviour/actions may have negatively affected others…and to that I say that it’s usually better to refrain from over-compensating with unnecessary contact prior to hearing from them?

    • My wife had a breast pump when my girls were of that age & we had a freezer full of little bags of milk.  It’s really easy to deal with & I had heard of big markets for it w/ women that couldn’t produce enough themselves.  We had enough problems keeping up w/ consumption that selling it was never a thought.  Pretty weird/trusting market.  Fun fact:  Fenugreek is a natural breast milk production enhancer that makes milk smell like maple syrup.  I used to wake up craving pancakes all the time.

      • La la la. Too much information. La la la. Fingers in my ears.

        Yes, I remember the days of those little frozen bags my wife would bring back from work. And now I’m going to shove it back down into my memoryhole.

  4. Well, the court gig I had this afternoon was cancelled because of the weather, so I took part of the four hours of PTO that I’d reserved for it to get the lunch that I couldn’t get when I was running late before my shift – after I found a place that didn’t bother fucking closing early because of a bit of freezing slush on the roads, that is. (And the second-to-last call I took in the first part of my shift was from a kidney center near Seattle, where the provider said that she’d be teaching a class that would be about an hour long: After I worked on a fucking Saturday to make up for these hours, you better believe I transferred that shit to someone else.)

    The other in-person gig this week was in a municipal court in West County, and for once it didn’t concern a traffic or parking violation. Even still, the guy was brought in handcuffed, and the cops were gonna drop him off with ICE as soon as the hearing was over, so that and the legalese that the judge and the one cop were using made me stumble a bit over my renderings.

    Oh, and the thing on Monday for my incisive papilla turned out to be just an initial consultation, so I wasn’t sore or bleeding when I left the place. Even still, though, after the doctor saw me, they kept me waiting for 20 fucking minutes before telling me that I could basically go while they contacted my insurance to see about pricing, and between that and having to fill up my car with gas on the way home, I ended up signing in five minutes late to work. (Of course, after the municipal court gig, I got lunch and spent too long behind a car at an ATM that ended up not being able to detect my card – the one I stopped to use on the way the court was out of service – and ended up signing in seven minutes late. Ah, well.)

    Anyway, tomorrow I’m just doing an extra 90 minutes in the morning to make up the rest of the time from Monday, although I technically don’t need to anymore because of the time I’ve spent on calls past the end of my shift. And then that’s the fucking week for me.


    • I can’t even fathom how difficult your job must be let alone how heartbreaking the end results usually end up being. If anyone deserves to be granted the slightest bit of leniency especially as it pertains to time served, it’s you.

  5. Well, for what it’s worth, most of the dealings I’m there to witness tend to be fairly run-of-the-mill. What tends to bother me more is the ignorance, if not outright disrespect, that some people have for the work I do. (This is especially true in the case of medical providers and the video/audio remote arrangement in general, although it may also be an outgrowth of the mentality surrounding situational, “gig” employment – where people start to get the idea that, just because you’re nominally there to serve them for a given time, they can deal with you as something that’s just the thinnest of margins above an irritant or inconvenience.)

    Hell, I just had my quarterly review and got a 92%, which means pretty much the same as it would’ve meant in school. But all of the comments were about how I looked on camera: the lighting, the positioning, the spot that was visible on my (non-virtual) backdrop. Hell, there was even a comment from a provider that I “seemed to be preoccupied with something” – well, yeah, like trying to find the right terminology, rendered to me on the spur of the fucking moment, on the other monitor that’s part of my work station. (Sorry if that didn’t come across as sufficiently telegenic, Dr. Wouldn’t-Even-Bother-Introducing-Yourself-and-Couldn’t-Even-Position-the-Device-So-I-Could-See-Your-Fucking-Face.)

  6. My day today:

    6am. My kid woke up with a runny nose. Kept them from going to preschool.

    10am. Received an email about a potential Covid case in their class.

    11am. Got the whole family PCR tested.

    11pm. Cherry on the cake is that they are eliminating the mask mandate in a month.

    Yay for all us families with kids under 5 years old! Everything is fine.

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