Well. Here we are again. [DOT 28/3/23]

I’m not RIP. But he churlishly refuses to use the header I created for him, so I’ll use it. Fuck that guy.

Everyone who is surprised by this raise your hand. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

6 Nashville school shooting victims identified; shooter a former student, police say


The gun that divides a nation

Also related.

Tennessee governor who signed permitless carry law offers prayers after school shooting

Fuck. This is going to provide a massive boost to LBGQT+ discrimination. I’m sure Tucker’s braying about it right now: “In response to a reporter’s question, police confirmed Hale identified as transgender.”

What we know about the Nashville school shooting

This hits close to home. In fact, it hits home.

The Red State brain drain accelerates. Progressive students refuse to attend college in a Red state.

How’s that working out for you, Mr. DeSantis?

Should be easy to solve. There are only *checks notes* four or five thousand suspects.

Twitter says parts of source code posted online, seeks leaker

I need turtle content.

The turtle moms that ‘talk’ to their eggs before they hatch


So Ferrara and her colleagues wondered: are mother turtle and child turtle communicating with one another? To test the idea, her team spent months taping the turtles — on land and underwater, in the wild and in a swimming pool.

The team recorded a wide repertoire of whisper-quiet calls from arrau [turtles] of all ages.

Embryos appear to chirp together to coordinate hatching and digging up to the surface. With so many jaguars and other predators lurking, it is safer for baby turtles to move en masse toward the river.

The mothers, meanwhile, approach and respond to the calls of their young. Once the hatchlings reach the water, the baby turtles migrate down the river with the adult females, Ferrara’s radio-tracking research shows.

So whadda you guys got?



      • Yeah, the second I’d heard about the fact that the shooter was a trans woman who was a former student, I knew two things:

        1. There would be absolutely zero introspection on the part of the school, or the psychotic, right-wing churches in the area, about their almost certain horrific abuse of the poor woman when she was a student there, which is very likely what sent her down this path.

        2.  Right wing fuckwits (redundant, I know) would immediately start harping on how dangerous trans people are, and use this shooting as ammunition (pun intended) to push the narrative of eradicating trans people “for the safety of our children.”

        I used to live near Green Hills.  It’s a wealthy area (although not as insanely wealthy as Belle Meade), and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Baptist church there.  I know these people.  They are unredeemable.

  1. That poll adds to the anecdata — another I saw said most Americans support Biden expanding the Supreme Court.

    I take any single one with a grain of salt. But something is bubbling.

    • It does seem that way. I hesitate to say that Republicans have overplayed their hand, because they still have generations of gerrymandering and voter suppression insulating them, but it’s starting to feel like they are getting more and more hysterical, and more people are seeing through it.

      Not here, of course. But in other places. DeSantis sort of illustrates this — he’s not really doing too well against Trump, and Trump’s not doing too well overall. I feel like that well has started to run dry. You’ll still have the bedrock crazies and the elderly, but it’s starting to feel like that’s what they’re down to.

      Probably too optimistic, though.

  2. It’s funny, in a black comedy sort of way, just how unpopular most of the right’s culture war shit actually is. Moreover, the more they get their way on it, the less people seem to like it. Cool, the megachurch crowd loves it; it’s somewhere between “ick” and ” absolutely fucking repellant” to basically every other voting group.

    I’m also seeing early reports that the shooter was possibly diagnosed with autism, so that’s gonna be great for everything, too. White guy shooter = sick society; any other shooter = their group needs purging.

    • The fact that the shooter had ASD *and* happened to be transgender wasn’t really a surprise to me, and I suspect to plenty of other folks who live/work in Autism-world.

      Being transgender, gender-nonconforming, nonbinary, and/or elsewhere on the gender spectrum overlaps quite a bit, with being on the neurodiverse end of the “neurotypical/neurodiverse” spectrum.

      Some receipts (the quickest couple i could find):



      obviously, as y’all ALL know, gender & the way one’s brain is wired say jack squat about the reasons why the shooter chose this horrid act of violence yesterday.

      Like y’all, I suspect it was probably the school×religion×bullying×torture combo that created the powder keg… but obviously it’s muuuuuch to early to really even speculate.

      It’s just that–like when you hear about a woman being murdered in her home/on the way to work, one other person is dead, and the police say, “The Community is not at risk.” it’s pretty likely you’ll later hear that it was a Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence situation, where the murderer is the man she was trying to leave…. I suspect we’ll eventually find out this killer was tortured when they attended that school, because they were perceived as “different,” “odd,” or “weird” somehow, and we’ll probably *also* learn that they were bullied to the point of torture, for that perceived difference.

  3. Imagine how different the response to the pandemic would have been had the world known about this side effect. I bet there would be no anti vaxxers or anti maskers. I hope all the pandemic deniers suffer from erectile dysfunction and that culls the world of some of those fucking idiots’ offspring.

    • I think that was known, actually, or at least I remember it being a possible side effect. I remember fairly early on being locked down and chatting with a male friend of mine (over the phone) and in a grim, gallows humor way discussing whether we would prefer to lose our sense of taste or ability to achieve an erection. For me that was easy: I have had quite enough erections over the course of my life and am a glutton, so I’ll hang on to my sense of taste, thanks. He is wanton and slutty and couldn’t imagine not being able to wave his wang at somebody. The lockdowns hit him hard, no pun intended. But last I heard he’s back in the game and making up for lost time. It’s a wonder he doesn’t have advanced Carpal Tunnel from obsessive Grindr swiping.

      I’m not really sure why I think you all need to know this…

      • I’m with you on that. Years ago, I lost my sense of smell for a couple of weeks (still no idea what caused it). It was beyond depressing. I’ve had more than my fair share of orgasms but when it comes to food or wine I can’t be sated.

        • I will tell you a sad story, though. I was a wedding once, and I’ve been to many dozens, and I was outside on the venue’s terrace smoking getting some fresh air and one of the bride’s grandfathers sidled up to me. He had something he needed to get off his chest and he needed a man who he’d probably never see again to talk to. What happened was about a year previously he had gotten married for the third time and simultaneously was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The treatment involved removing the prostate which left him unable to achieve an erection. This caused him no end of grief, because he felt it was his duty to satisfy his new wife, and, he felt, only the very traditional missionary position P->V would do. I encouraged him to talk to his new wife, there must be many other ways (I theorized), but what he wanted to know was if I had ever been temporarily in a similar situation, and if so if I had ever resorted to using a penis pump, and if so whether they really worked.

          Just as I was telling him that sadly I had no experience with penis pumps his granddaughter, the bride, came running up, God knows if she heard me say “penis pump” to her beloved grandfather, and told him they had reached the part of the reception where it was his turn to give his speech. So we went back inside.

          About an hour later the DJ was in full swing, playing “get everyone out on the dance floor” hot hits, everyone was dancing around as best they could, and he said, “Let’s give it up for [bride] and [groom]!” “Yayyy!” “This next song is by Elvis Costello! Some of you guys remember this one!” It was, sure enough, “Pump It Up.” And I happened to be dancing with the grandfather’s third wife.

          • I forgot that penis pumps existed (having learned about them in a psych & sexuality class). Then one popped up literally in season 2 of Sex/Life (Netflix). It was the second erect penis of the season. The first one was a peek-a-boo moment when in the heat of a passionate make out session, the main love interest cheekily looked down and the head of his penis was saying hello from the waist of his skinny jeans. I died laughing.


  4. …show me the way…


    • Ain’t no way the reality of how she was abused ever sees the light of day.  It will just be about “a very disturbed person”, which in this context will be a short hop to “all trans people are dangerous.”

      • Pretty much. In my last year of high school in a Northern town… I was the butt monkey and got picked on more times than I would like.

        It is a good thing my dad didn’t have any guns in the house. It took me a while to get over what I felt.

        Part of me is surprised that something like this didn’t happen earlier ( I only got a taste what a transgender and autistic kid would have gotten.)

        • Over the years I’ve realized that school PTSD is a) very real and b) very debilitating for some people. I pretty much enjoyed school but every bullying incident is etched in my brain, and I didn’t experience many. I’ve talked to others who can’t even stand to be around anyone they went to school with because it’s so triggering. Even if that person wasn’t the bully/abuser.

          • Yup.  School (and the bus) was a profoundly horrifying experience for me.  When I first heard about school shootings back in the early ’90’s, the first thing I thought of was, “yeah, I could see myself doing that if I’d been pushed just a wee bit further.”

            • i could see doing it at the time…when i very much had some scores to settle

              you kinda lose me at coming back what 15? years later and shooting up a bunch of random kids and staff tho

              tho…in this case… maybe the grudge was with the staff…going by their ages…they could have been around 15+ years

              • on a side note tho….i think religion should be kept out of schools

                heaping that shit on the kids when they are inclined to take the teachers word as bond seems unfair

                you know…. when your a cult….but deny it

                im all for religion…if that gets you through the day more power to you

                but it should be an informed decision

                kids….are not informed…..and a fair chunk of them idolize teachers

                • I somewhat agree. I think they should teach high schoolers about religions in an anthropological compare and contrast sort of way and link it to global history. Religions are intertwined with culture, race and history. Being kept ignorant about them is dangerous because then the dominant culture is perceived as the standard and shit like islamophobia continues to run rampant.

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