Well, Looky Here, Folks, Another Republican Thief

The name is Davis. John Davis. I'm a fucking thief.

From the desk of “No Shit, Dick Tracy”, we have the story of John Davis the former head of the Department of Human Services for the Sovereign State of Mississippi, who was arrested the other day–along with five co-conspirators–for…get this…embezzling money meant for the poor and spending it on themselves.

Along with Davis, the state auditor’s agents also arrested the directors of a non-profit organization, the non-profit’s accountant, a paper pusher from DHS, and Brett DiBiase–son of former pro wrestler Ted DiBiase (who was in a drug rehab while getting paid for a “seminar” that he never gave).

I can just hear the conversations these shitbag motherfuckers were having amongst themselves when deciding to commit the largest embezzlement scheme in 20 years was an excellent idea:

“You know, guys, those filthy, lazy poors shouldn’t be getting the working man’s hard earned dollars. Giving them that money will just encourage those Welfare Queens to keep watching Oprah on their 108″ TVs and driving around in their brand new Cadillacs. In fact, now that I’m thinkin’ about it, that money would be much better spent by…US! We can put it to good use, creating jobs and boosting the local economy! Why, we’re the GOOD GUYS, saving the working man from getting robbed so those Welfare Queens can live the high life! They’ll be THANKING us, by God!”

Fuck these pieces of shit. I hope every single goddamned one of them rots in prison for decades. Goddammit, stories like this really piss me off beyond all sense of reason.


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  1. Everyone talks about how tiring politics is these days, and it is, but it would’ve been tiring before if we’d been paying more attention to the people in power. Much like the #metoo movement, I got tired and then suddenly got energy. Every time I see something like this, I get mad but I get happy to see them fall. Let them all be exposed. I hope people stay angry long after Trump.

  2. With all the shit the current admin. has normalized, I thought this was legal now. Hell, I thought it was almost required to be part of the GOP. If you are not stealing from or actively trying to harm the poor you are really not doing your job.

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