Well, That Was Anticlimactic [NOT 20/1/20]

A derp

I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit concerned about this but everyone seems to have behaved themselves…Weapons, flags but no violence: Massive pro-gun rally in Virginia capital

This, however, seems…unnecessary…

A derp

Kelllyanne Conway, like every Karen in your Facebook feed posting MLK quotes while asking to speak to the manager, had this to say today:

In good news today, this puppers found a home:


A derp

I hope that if you had a long weekend, you were able to enjoy it. If you didn’t have a day off, I hope your Monday was quick and painless.



  1. That member from Meal Team Six has become the poster child of mockery for this rally.

    I grew up in the boonies and understand the necessity of certain long guns like a rifle and shotgun especially if you like to hunt. I guess I’m an idiot who doesn’t get the civy use for a .50 cal Barrett M-82 anti-material sniper rifle. Also if I recall, if my gun safety instructor saw me holding a rifle by the barrel like that then I’m pretty sure he’d slap me silly.

      • “What’s he planning to do with that, other than let us all know about his small penis?”

        Jfc, I know I’m old, because *back in my day,* the douchecanoes would just make the announcement by driving a big-ass truck.

        The higher the lift kit in proportion to the dude’s height, compound by the level of chrome, and divided by the additional trim packages (aftermarket lighting, light covers, “trucknutz,” etc.) Gave a pretty accurate rendering of what the dumbass was trying to make up for.

        But at least back then, it wasn’t likely that *multiple* people could be killed by his dumb ego & stupidity–it was limited to the number of dolts the compensator could convince to ride in his death-trap with his unseatbelted, drunk, self.

    • I’m not at all surprised. Gun nuts are afraid to fight. Charleston was a little different because that was more of a Nazi rally and Nazis are stupid and crazy. But this time they caught the Nazi boys that wanted to shoot this rally up before hand, and Charleston was a shitshow ran by fucking morons.

      • Keep in mind these participants are overwhelmingly white and male–so the police meant to be on-hand (and isn’t the area in a declared “state of emergency” because of this shit?) are somehow managing to hold from shooting first or saying “I was scared” when in the presence of a large, heavily armed, obviously aggressive population (which has pockets of racist Neo-Nazis, at minimum). Between that fact and the intimidating factor of so many people with weapons–there doesn’t seem to be a significant number of counter-protestors with which these pro-gun nuts *could* clash.

        I see this as paradoxically an example of freedom of speech/assembly and an example of chilling the same. Several others more historically literate than myself have pointed out how the gun control movement blossomed under Reagan as a means to disarm the Black Panthers after a similar armed protest around government buildings. Can’t help but see more white privilege on display, here.

        • That was when St. Ronald was Governor of California in the 1960s, the Black Panthers were an Oakland-based group and he was having none of it under his watch.

          The funny thing is postwar California used to be reliably Republican. Starting in 1952 and lasting until 1988 they went Republican, except in 1964, when they decided Goldwater was a little too nutty and probably out of a sense of remorse voted for Kennedy’s successor, Johnson.

          Since then it’s gone the other way. This might get me banned, but I’ll add this:

          When Team Clinton claims she won the popular vote by 3 million they are correct. But what she really did was win California by 4 million votes. You can’t really disregard California, something like 1/8 of the country lives there. But this is what the Electoral College was designed to protect against. At the time the Founders (except the Virginians, George Washington among them) feared that Virginia might rule them all, it being the most populous state. New York saw the handwriting on the wall. They sensed that they would one day eclipse Virginia, so they too weren’t a fan of this scheme. But it made its way into the Constitution as a compromise and that’s what we live with today.

          I, personally, love California and hope to retire there one day. My husband and I will be two of the few 60-somethings moving in; native-born 60-somethings are fleeing in droves. But I don’t think the country should be ruled by the whims of California voters.

          • That position is as innumerate as the thinking of sports announcers who slobber over the guy who hits a two run homer in the sixth inning to put the score at 8-3 in a game that ends up 8-7.

            In 2016 there were more Republicans voting in California than in Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, West Virginia, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, and Kansas combined. California Republicans had zero Electoral College votes in the current system.

            The country wouldn’t be ruled by the whims of Califirnia voters if we trashed the Electoral College. Right now the system ignores tens of millions of voters across most states in favor of a small percentage of swing voters in a few states. Sugar beet price supports matter more than climate change or taxes.

        • Funny how that works, when minorities are walking around with guns we need gun control. When it’s white males it is just them protecting their rights. Just like how when crack was ravaging black communities we needed a war on drugs and now that meth is ravaging white ones it is an epidemic that we need to be empathetic to and find medical solutions. Funny how that dynamic works.

  2. Instead of paying for college or healthcare, I’d rather buy body armor that makes me look soft and fat, and a very expensive sniper rifle that I can’t handle anyway. It’ll be worth it if a woman even dumber than me actually thinks I’m a SEAL. That’s the American Way®

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