Welp, feeling old [NOT 10/6/21]

Hi, friends!

I love those moments when I’m like oh huh yep this is an indication I am an old.

The most recent example? I’m getting my shit together for a Florida trip in August and in previous years that would be some new swimsuits, etc. Ohh I wanted something cute to walk around in and feel all vacation-ey in. In the last few years, I’ve transitioned from “eh I put sunblock on this morning, I’m fine.” or “eh I’m just going to be out for a little bit, I’m not going to bother with putting sunblock on anything besides my face.” to “oh hang on I need to spray down with the coral-reef safe stuff and wait 20 minutes for it to set before I get outside.”

This year? Fuck it, time to order the UPF 50 long pants and capris and summer-weight UPF jacket/shirts because ugh I don’t need the sun damage on my skin and I don’t want to be obsessively applying sunblock.

Anything recently happen that made you feel very mature? Well-seasoned? Aged like fine wine or liquor?



  1. The neighbor boy, (I remember when he was born), is going for his driving license test tomorrow. He is also a foot taller than I am. However, as the family is vegan, he always stops by on Halloween  (no costume any more.) He knows that I have stashed a bag of PETA-approved candy for him.

  2. I mailed off my absentee ballot today and voting is among the top three things that makes me feel super grown-up.
    Because of my present circumstances I actually felt beyond grown up and in the realm of the elderly. What happened was my home-visiting physical therapist and I walked the ballot over to the local post office as part of my exercise/rollator training (a rollator is one of those walkers with four wheels and a seat; you see them all over the place) and upon my return he told me I was doing so well he was going to close my case. Soon, if I continue my exercises independently, I will be back to my old self and possibly physically fitter than I have been in 20 years. The light, the horizon, I see it! And now that I think about it self-directed exercising routines seem awfully grown up and something I’d never done as an adult.

  3. I ran into one of my oldest son’s high school girlfriends today, when I picked up my youngest from work. She’s about to pop with baby #3. Now, I know she started early (16), and so did I (17), but she’s not even 21 yet! I feel like a grandma already, even before my grandbaby is here, since a bunch of his friends have a kid or 2. So, yeah… I feel old. 
    Hey, just a little FYI… if there’s any Food Network shows on Hulu that you’ve been meaning to watch, they’re all being yanked in 11 days. I’m watching No Reservations for the first time. They only have seasons 7 and 8, but a little Tony Bourdain is better than none at all  🙁 

  4. hey @myopicprophet funky IT situation happening here

    So last night when I wrote up this post, I was like well shit the image isn’t rendering right and it’s cutting off the quote.

    So I used the editor to crop the image and save it. But what’s showing isn’t the same image that I cropped and saved in our fancy DS image folder thing.

    I’ve tried changing the image a few times, and it’s still showing the “wrong” one for me. Are other people seeing the image with cut-off black text above the 30 Rock frames or just the frames? Trying to determine whether or not it’s a caching issue on my end.

    • Off the top of my head, I cannot remember the recommended featured image size (which is different than the capabilities of the theme…so there’s that) so I’ll get back to you on that.

      I looked at your image and it is a portrait image…there is no way to crop those in a way that works. Definitely stick to landscape images when you can.

      Because of what I put in parentheses up there I have found it best (when using images that don’t seem to sit well) to screenshot the images with extra border space around them then upload and crop them to size in the media screen.

      @splinterrip might have more/better advice on this than me as I don’t write many posts.

      • @myopicprophet the “add a border” would have worked in my case. It was easier in the time I had to just use a new one. I can’t speak to pixels but I format in PowerPoint and 6 inches wide by 4 inches high usually works well. 

    • @brightersideoflife. I had a similar experience today. An image I uploaded cut off the heads of a group of people. So I resized it and reuploaded it, and when I previewed the post it had not overwritten the original. I deleted the image from the library, then uploaded the new version under a different name, and got a different look. Of course (face plam) now the heads and feet were cut off. Some images may just not work? (And yes, @Myopicprophet, in my case it was probably user error and I may be confusing the issue. So, apologies in advance.)

      • @elliecoo, @myopicprophet

        So the image I cropped within the image tool here on DS never showed the updated cropped version in my post

        Deleted it from the library, cropped the original image in paint because my cheap ass has no photo software, and then uploaded the new one and it worked fine. 

        So, dunno what the point of the edit photo option really is in wordpress since cropping out the upper part of my image never seemed to actually change the image in my post. I got nothing. 

        • @brightersideoflife, paint for the win! I suspect that this lovely free website does the best it can with conflicting plugins, different versions, and admins who do the site work out of the goodness of their hearts. If I ever win the lottery I am buying us a fancy schmancy website and paid staff! (Let’s not hold our breath waiting for that to happen, sigh.)

    • you can edit your posts after posting?
      coz that option has been missing for me for a while
      its a shit…coz after proofreading 35 times and deciding everythings fine i usually find about 10 typos and a forgotten picture or subheader after i actually post

  5. This isn’t new by any means, but when I started going to vintage shops and would see the sorts of styles I would wear back in the day in those same shops, often at a similar price to what I paid then (or sometimes relatively marked up due to the lovely thing known as inflation). And often the labels were exactly what my friends and I would have worn (hello, 90s Express summer dresses). 
    There’s nothing so discomfiting and seeing your teenage angst era go retro. 

  6. whats sunscreen? (expensive here is what it is…ill just rely on my powers of fuck you sun im staying in the shade to not burn up…..it mostly works)
    anyways…..tiktok makes me feel old
    some really funny shit seems to come out of it….but mostly it seems to be vapid self obsessed shit set to snippets of the same songs that i find
    everyone else seems to love it tho…
    figure that means im probably old enough to yell at clouds here

    • Farscy how expensive is it relative to other things? This boggles my mind.

      A bottle for me costs like $10, unless I get one of the fancy brands. A chicken nuggets value meal from McDonald’s is like $9. A cocktail at a restaurant runs $7-10 usually.

      Is this one of those things where the European brands are more expensive because we have products in ours that are cheap but the EU is like WHOA that shit is bad for you?

      • mostly between 15 and 25 euros for your regular non stores own brands
        own brands are in the 8 to 15 range…..quality may vary
        our mcD value meals are priced similarly to yours..as are the cocktails
        we have wierd taxing on shit like sun cream and say..fucking razors or shampoo…least..i figure it must be taxes…
        really the only things that are cheap here most of the time are fresh veg and flowers

  7. Went to graduation parade today & Saturday my youngest daughter graduates from high school.  That makes me feel old, sad, happy & scared all at once.

  8. Seeing one of my friend’s kids go off this year to University (my alma mater I am proud to say.)  I remember when he was just a newborn.  He’s a lot bigger now, but both his old man and I can still kick his ass (age/experience/treachery vs yout/enthusiasm/ignorance) however it isn’t getting any easier.

  9. When I dated someone two decades younger than myself.  Music wise she was hung up on the 80s/90s (Bon Jovi specifically) but it was awkward especially when I met her mom the first time and found out she and I were the same age.  Oddly she didn’t have a big issue with me (I didn’t get why till I found out later to my dismay.)
    This relationship wasn’t meant to be… turns out she had a thing for older men (daddy issues probably) and I thought her friends were naive spoiled morons (they thought I was a grouchy old man which I kinda am.)

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