#WeThePeople: Night One, DNC National Conference OT

Posted on Deadsplinter 13/11/20

Going to first highlight the Forever FLOTUS’ mission in part because as a country it’s our first best way out of the current mess

Register to vote. Check to make sure you’re still registered.


Go to whenweallvote.org/theroots to register today

“Why don’t they want us to vote? When we vote, things change. Things get better.”

– Senator Kamala Harris, 2020 Democratic Candidate for Vice President of the United States

We Are the people, and our tent is big, even when it contains people who need to be called out for the messes they made that have contributed over time, both on the so-called right

AND on the left

(there is a lot more to this, so, everyone, PLEASE make sure you read the whole thread)

David Plouffe, whom everyone should be listening to, laid out a plan

Democrats need to GO DO IT

because otherwise it’s already clear what’s coming up – if people haven’t been listening to the rest of us who’ve been howling about this for … awhile, then listen to the 3-in-73 himself

 We’re good now? On what we’re dealing with?


[This was originally posted on The Salad Bowl 17/8/20]

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