What are we drinking this week? [NOT 21/12/20]

image of some fancy cocktails

What’s the plan for this week?

To quote an icon:

“You’re telling me there’s no alcohol? What the hell are we supposed to do for two days?”


a few bottles of Costco prosecco will help me get through this week



  1. I’m on an alternating craft beer & red wine diet but I do make a mean eggnog.  I don’t do measurements, you can figure that out = to your enjoyment level, but here you go:
    Myers Rum

  2. Canadian Whiskey Sour

    • 1oz. Wiser’s Deluxe rye
    • 1oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
    • 3/4oz. maple syrup
    • pinch of cinnamon

    Shaken with ice. Poured over ice. Cinnamon stick to stir.

  3. At this very moment? A lychee flavour Ramune. Later? Probably a ridiculous amount of water. This week? Sweet tea, Diet Coke, and possibly a teeny bit of port. 
    I used to drink rum and coke like it was going out of style… sadly, my tummy troubles have severely curtailed my alcohol intake. 

  4. All the things! I’m drinking all the things. 

    I did make a ‘cranberry mimosa’ that was pretty tasty and festive. 

    Yes, it was prosecco with a splash of cranberry juice.


  5. just beer…lol
    i likes what i likes (and farscy really isnt safe around the strong stuff)
    suspect i will also need to replace the porter i have for cooking a couple times before the seasons over
    (why yes..the recipes absolutely call for a whole bottle of porter….some of it even goes in the food)

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