What are you doing here? [DOT 25/12/19]

don’t you have turkey to eat or presents to play with…?

…hope you’re all having a great day…but since there are some folks out there for whom today isn’t always that special we figured that if you had time for us maybe you’d have time for a bit of this kind of thing:

Make a Wish Foundation

Angeltree Christmas (Prison Fellowship)

Toys for Tots

Operation Christmas Child (Samaritans Purse)

Trees for Troops (Christmas Spirit Foundation)



  1. What am I doing here? Let’s see… got up at 5:30, got all the presents ready, had a cup of coffee, got the kids, opened the gifts, had breakfast, cleaned up a little. Now, we can more or less call time out until we got to my sister’s for dinner around 4.
    Merry Christmas to all!!

  2. My sister texted me at 6:15am to wish me a Merry Christmas. 😡 I managed to get back to sleep though.
    Presents have been opened, breakfast made, eaten, and mostly cleaned up. The rest of the day I’m relaxing and drinking sparkling beverages. Happy Holidays to everyone.

    • …a lot of early starts going around today

      …but if we’re doing fizzy beverages I highly recommend one of these


      although in our family there’s a pause between covering the sugar cube with cognac for it to partially/mostly dissolve before the champagne goes in…

      if you’re really lucky or feeling fancy then for extra points use champagne cognac…like hennessy or hine (or if you can find any delamain) for the terroir thing…

      it’s christmas, after all…

        • …brandy will do but cognac is best & you’d need someone entirely more knowledgeable about such matters to explain how/why

          …but here’s a pro-tip for you – the cognac sticks to the glass & there’s usually some sugar at the bottom so if you top it up with champagne *before* the glass is empty you can keep it rolling for a while

          …they’re kinda lethal, though – so maybe practise a little before new year’s if you want to be sure you’ll be up to ring in the changes at midnight?

  3. Apparently I fell asleep on the couch last night at like 11. Hubz woke me up at 12 and says I screamed at him to go away and why did you wake me up and a few choice names. Oops. #MerryChristmas

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