What are you watching? [NOT 26/12/20]

promo image of cast from Netflix show Bridgerton

Hi friends! What are you watching this weekend?

Yesterday I watched WW84 and started the Bridgerton series on Netflix.

Bridgerton has significantly better acting and writing, so of the 2, that’s my recommendation.

Also, it’s definitely filmed for the female gaze instead of the male gaze and that is a lovely and delightful change.

I’m only about halfway through, I had to pace myself last night so I didn’t binge watch more episodes!



  1. I’m watching my belly get bigger from a 24 hours of turkey, potato, stuffing & gravy diet!  That & my new video doorbell that keeps letting me know rose is at the door. Rose needs to be pruned cause she is blowing in front of the camera making for a stupid amount of alerts in these high winds!  

  2. I watched all of Bridgerton this weekend and enjoyed it a lot. The racists are Big Mad online because of the diverse casting. They can fuck off. Tell me when you get to the end so we can discuss! 

    • Was it fairly true to the books? (I’ll be watching in the next few days, since the school is on break, and I’m only at the grocery store this week😉)

    • Among the diverse cast is a Black queen. “Bridgerton” is not making this up. That Queen would have been Charlotte, the wife of George III, who was almost definitely somehow Black to some extent, it was remarked on at the time. She came from some complicated line in Portugal I think, or Spain, or maybe both, my memory and her genealogy is murky. In that area for centuries there had been “Moors,” and it was very polyglot, the Moors having come up from Africa. When you see the crowd scenes those extremely well-dressed, fashionable court people could have been the recognized children or descendants of the British who had vast landholdings in Jamaica, where slavery was widespread. I’ve only seen the first half of episode one and never read the books but maybe this is explored.

      • It’s been over a decade since I read any books in the series, so I don’t remember. To be honest, I suspect it was was not included in the books. Historical romance doesn’t have a good track record with diversity and I haven’t noticed many specifically non-white characters in books until more recent years.

  3. I’ve been watching the RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon all day. I missed the first few seasons, even though there’s a marathon about once a year. Dang, season one was practically unwatchable.

  4. I’ve been re-watching Schitt’s Creek. It’s the light hearted feel good show I need right now and while I have literally dozens of shows on my watchlist nothing else is appealing to me right now. 

  5. I’m watching season 2 of Sex Education and and am loving it. It’s been a while since we’ve watched something funny and light hearted.
    Just finished season 2 of Mind Hunter. It was slow paced, boring, and generally depressing.

    • I wanted to like Mind Hunter more than I did. I kept getting angry at how the contributions of female characters are underappreciated. 

      And the way the plot veered into “white savior wannabe” territory re: Atlanta Child Murders in season 2 was some bullshit. I don’t even think those dudes were on the case at all. 

      Also, the FBI guy it’s based on came to my college and did a talk about criminal profiling and it was really interesting. Basically boiled down to “we can try to understand what makes them tick but really catching them is dumb luck because they’re that smart.” Like it’s someone gets pulled over for expired license plates and they’ve got a victim in their trunk, that sort of thing. So the idea that this wunderkind can outsmart them doesn’t actually match with the man’s actual life. 

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