What can we take away from Kentucky and Virginia’s election results


With the election results in we have a little more of a picture as to what to expect in next years elections with the widespread win in Virginia and the narrow victory in Kentucky.

Gov. Matt Bevin was ousted despite the attempt at drumming up supporters earlier this week from our embarrassment in chief leading a rally in the state. Despite Beshear winning the republicans captured all other statewide races.

Virginia is a different story where Democrats control both chambers in the legislature and governor’s office for the first time since 1993. The races here have some historic results with Ghazala Hashmi becoming the first Muslim woman elected to the Virginia senate. Democrats now have the option of redrawing the legislative boundaries after next years census results which can lead to stronger wins in the future.

Most of what I have been able to gather from this is that Trump is becoming more unpopular in suburban areas while keeping a strong foothold in more rural regions of the country as candidates were either latching onto him themselves or tying their opponents to him directly. Granted this is only a small fraction of what to expect in next years elections so we cannot get complacent. No surprise that republicans were able to keep a firm hold of southern states but we still have Louisiana to hold their election on Saturday to see if the shift continues in the state.


  1. I will be watching Louisiana, to see what happens there. Good things, I hope.

    Apparently, the GOP is ‘now worried about suburban and women’s votes’, but isn’t that always the line?

    (Notice I didn’t say ‘aren’t they always’? That’s because yes, they do almost constantly [2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2108, notice a trend?] tell anyone willing to listen that they have a problem with women and young voters. None of them can tell you where that problem comes from nor how to fix it, nor have any of they or their strategists – do they believe in those? – been arsed to actually come up with anything resembling a workable solution. Not that it bothers me this party of hate is dying, but its death throes are so very ugly, and it’s trying to take out as many as possible as it goes down.)

  2. Louisiana is interesting, I’ve been hopeful with how I’ve seen things turning out there so Saturday should be interesting to say the least.

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