…what condition my condition was in [DOT 12/1/20]

…so there you are, innocently browsing away of a sunday – possibly even in the morning – hoping for something that won’t aggravate whatever state you woke up in on a day popularly associated with the somewhat contradictory pairings of church & lie-ins…but maybe you thought you’d at least check in?

…day of rest & all – but it’s getting harder to abide these days

…we’re all sorry to hear about donnie, dude

…so, if you want to just take ‘er easy I recommend calling it quits after the next clip & skipping anything between there & the next video…maybe just watch those & don’t read anything or click anything but play until you hit the comments?

…kind of








…almost enough to make you nostalgic for the idea of competent, high-functioning sociopaths in charge…almost…but then, they always were a reboot at the end of the day…& speaking of reboots…

…or, you know, you could appeal to the old school?


…then was then, eh – practically quaint really, isn’t it?

…it’s all just a little bit of history repeating?

…so take your lessons from history

…or the more recent past (before “in the loop” there was “the thick of it” but there’s only one setting for tucker

…so next time you’re thinking about the deep state, let’s just hope it goes something like this?

…but let’s face it it most likely owes a little more to this sort of thing

…or even this?

…because yeah, that environment thing?


…& just for kicks there’s always this nonsense?












  1. Because it’s sometimes easier to think of the suffering of others…

    I feel really bad for the UK citizens who didn’t vote to re-elect the Tory government. Brexit is such a bonkers situation and I’m not even going to pretend to understand all of it. There are a lot of parallels to our situation in the US where a large portion of the population that does not represent the majority decided to drive their country off of a cliff as orchestrated by eviler people.

    We have no way of knowing which nightmare trade scenarios the UK will find themselves in. The EU deserves to punish the UK however they see fit and all of those people who rejected being “controlled” by the EU are going to wake up to a nasty surprise. I’m sure the British, who have nothing but nice things to say about the US, are going to love when our shitty products and influence floods their country!

    I hope the natural conclusion, at least, is Scottish independence and the reunification of Ireland as a sovereign nation if each respective population wants that.

    • …sadly I suspect you would be right but that many of the British will succeed in maintaining the fever-dream of outsized importance on a global stage & assume that they are having their own cake & eating it even after it says “cake-flavored product” on the label because it’s not legally acceptable to claim it’s food anymore?

      …appreciate the sentiment, though…thank you kindly.

      • …north of that particular border they did – damn near nobody but the SNP can boast an MP for a Scottish constituency either in the parliament at Westminster, Hollyrood or (for a while longer anyway) the EU one

        …but the vagaries of the electoral map meant that south of the border the 2.5-odd million votes Labout lost over last time there was a general election added to the 2.5-odd million votes Labour didn’t get that they got last time meant that instead of a catastrophically thin majority propped up by the DUP loonies like May instead Boris gets to invoke Thatcher as a comparison for his “stonking mandate” while Corbyn went from the-loss-was-basically-a-win to sling-your-hook…

        …it’s a funny old game, I think you’ll agree…also – they had to drop the assurances about kids not getting slung out (with or without parents to accompany them) as the EU citizen vs British citizen vs Other citizen thing shakes out…or not having a border between N Ireland & Britain…& they need to ditch the human/workers’ rights stuff & some regulations & oversight that the EU actually seems pretty good at…& oh, you know…some other shit that a certain de piffel johnson takes his name from…

        those stiff upper lips are pretty much all that’s keeping the rictus like grin on the “winners'” faces, I reckon…even most of them know the whole thing is a sham & the bits that aren’t are a fucking terrible idea…

  2. I never understood people who believe a particular politician was “sent by God”. I’ve told this story before on GT so I apologize if you’ve already heard it.
    When George W Bush was put in the White House by the Electoral College I ran into a woman I knew. She was elated, positively beaming, as she told me that God himself appointed W to the presidency. So I asked her how Bill Clinton had managed it on his own, had God been napping or on vacation for the last 8 years? She never spoke to me again, lol.

    Have you seen this? I haven’t read it but like the idea.

    Also, a good article about the trauma of being a drone pilot.

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