What do you Believe? [NOT 10/1/20]

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post do not reflect the views of Deadsplinter, but they do sarcastically reflect the views of a very angry Canadian and some of his Iranian-Canadian friends]

Mike Pompeo: “I do believe it’s likely that Trump effectively murdered Canadians”:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a statement today regarding the Ukraine International Airline crash.

“We do believe that it’s likely that that plane was brought down by an Iranian missile,” Pompeo told a news conference in Washington, saying he’d spoken earlier in the day with his Canadian counterpart, Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne.

“When we get the results of that investigation, I am confident that we and the world will take appropriate actions in response.”

If Iran blew up its own citizens and Iranian-Canadian citizens in its own country, it has nothing to do with the USA so why is the US Secretary of State doing press releases to inform the world that “appropriate actions will be taken”? UNLESS, hear me out, the plane crash had something to do with Trump bombing an Iranian general and failing to bomb another the same day, thus, Mike Pompeo just said to the entire world that, “I do believe that it’s likely that Trump effectively murdered Canadians.”

…and I don’t know about you guys, but this seems quite similar to the last time the Americans claimed to know the result of an investigation prior to an investigation in order to commit mass murder in another country.

Disinformation in Australia:

Welp! These climate change deniers really go out of their way to make people believe fake news about arsonists being responsible for the current hell on earth.

“Our findings show a concerted effort aimed to misinform the public about the cause of the bushfires,” Graham said.

“The campaign is nothing on the scale of what we have been seeing in other countries, such as the 2016 U.S. election, but this amount of disinformation in Australia is unprecedented.”

WOW! “Unprecedented” in one country, but nothing on the scale of the election rigging that put the murderer of Canadians in office to drag Canada into his unnecessary war with him.

Let’s hear it directly from the son of the Canadian murdering president:

“Truly Disgusting that people would do this! God Bless Australia. More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season,” Trump’s son falsely tweeted.

A prayer for the president:

No not that one. This one.

That’s right folks! Some of the people who actually voted for the murderer of Canadians believe Obama is a sex trafficker (failing to notice Trump buddy buddy with an actual one who just killed himself in prison) and Michelle Obama is a man (would it even matter?)…let’s see some of the prayer:

“I am asking you, Father, that the general public would see all of the stealing and all of the dirty things that Obama has been involved in,” Jamie prayed. “How did he get this $15 million home in Martha’s Vineyard? Father Lord, I’m thanking you that every bit of money laundering, that he is involved in child trafficking, all of that would be exposed.”

“Father, I thank you for exposing all of the corrupt book deals, not only Obama’s, but Joe Biden’s, Michelle’s,” Jaime continued. “And speaking of Michelle, today ABC just had an article saying that she’s been named the most admired woman in the world for the second year in a row. Father, I am asking you that whatever plan they have to have Michelle or Hillary [Clinton] run for president, we call that cancelled in Jesus’ name. And I am asking you Father that the true identity of Michelle—Michael—would be exposed. Father, I am asking you that that whole family, that those children—they are not their children, they’re the children of Obama’s best friend—Father, we ask you that that whole lie would be exposed for the everyday person to see it, in Jesus’ name.”

Thanks for exercising your right to vote, guys!

Perhaps you believe in aliens:

The US Navy has released a previously classified video of UFO’s thanks to a FOIA request.

As far as I know, no Canadians were murdered by the POTUS during the shooting of this video.

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  1. MP, you’re a Canuck too? I don’t think I knew that! 😀

    • It didn’t seem as though you got that impression last night 🙂

      • Definitely not! Haha. I’m glad–as much as there’s a bit of cachet in being the lone Canadian at the party, that means I can get away with more Cancon! ;D

        • As long as it doesn’t take away from the BSH! I’ll be delighted to see some Cancon. I have a feeling it is in the best interest of Deadsplinter as a whole that I try to limit my Canadian angst on the NOT so I think tomorrow’s will be about puppies and flowers.

          • Oh gosh no. It’d be Cancon BSH! (I DJed at my university radio station, so I’m all about that 20% rule, haha) I actually have a Cancon BSH in mind–it’s not that far off from some incidents in the US, so I think it’ll work well.

  2. The problem with being an unrepentant liar is that everything you say lacks credibility. How can we trust anything this administration tells us? I’m not ready for a tin foil hat yet but …..

    • I’ve already got mine on.

  3. I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you…stranger.

    • Look at you, superstar! Got an image in your comment!

  4. oh shit, now you did it…belief eh??

    I’m a skeptic. I don’t come to belief lightly but I do believe. I believe in the human animal and the possibilities it can achieve. History is filled with data points to mark our achievements. One happens at the beginning of my life. No, not my birth but close.

    The moon landing.

    50 years later the moon landing is the greatest achievement we can claim. Yet it is 50 years ago. We have done nothing since. NOTHING!

    • If you talk to people who remember it, they thought the world was going to get NUTS after that. That we’d be sending regular old fucks up to space willy-nilly.

      I want to live in the dream of a kid watching the moon landing.

      • Throw in bell bottom uniforms, warped philosophy, Euro/English accents and bad science… 1975’s Space 1999.

  5. I can’t possibly explain this in a way that will make sense, but I have been fucking with a project all week, and had to take a risk that something would work out (a color would match with something I was guessing from memory), and HOLY BUTTFUCK I FUCKING DID IT CORRECTLY.

    • …this really is the sort of sublime thing the internet isn’t really equipped to convey the significance of

      …but congrats – that is a feeling to be prized imho

  6. I believe that our government is being ruled by a malignant narcissist, and that he will (obviously) lash out st ANYONE who he feels slighted by in any way (except for Pooty-Poot, because he’s in debt up past his eyebrows to the Oigarchy)

    And that, YES, that plane 100% wouldn’t have gone down,had we not started aggressions first (my heart aches for all of our friends to the north & around the world who’ve lost dear ones💔).

    Another thing I believe, we HAVE to get this kakistocracy out of office, or we’re entirely FUCKED as a country. Because 1. Trumpty-dumpty & his minions have shown the oligarchic class how *anyone* can come in & raid all the federal coffers, and 2. Dear GOD are we lucky that this band of asshats is at least somewhat bumbling & incompetent–so that we seem to keep finding OUT what they’re fucking up.

    Can you IMAGINE what this would be like if we didn’t have Twitler & his gang of fools running the show, needing adulation & attention for everything, and instead we had smart folks who kept their mouths shut & heads down as they systematically dismantled the constitution?

    Also, I *can’t* believe that no one has linked THIS yet 😉🤣:

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