What Keeps You Up At Night? [NOT 4/1/23]

Hi, friends!

How is your day going? I’m fucking exhausted, and thanks to a delightfully stupid reason. I got caught up in a sweet book and next thing I knew it was after midnight, and at that point I was like fuck it, might as well finish the book.

Which happened at 1:46am. And then I got up at 6:30 and got ready for work. Anyways, I’m eating leftover colcannon that I made over the weekend because I am not at all motivated to cook an actual meal and I know drive thru meals won’t make me feel any more awake or better.



  1. Generally speaking, nothing. I have typically been able to sack out at the drop of a hat.
    However, staying asleep isn’t always so easy. I tend to wake up a lot during the night. Usually I can go back to sleep, but every once in a while I win the trauma lottery and wake up at a stupid hour (like when I woke up at 3:00 this morning for example) and I can almost immediately tell that I’m up for good. I will give it the old college try (I stayed in bed until 4:30 this morning) but eventually decide it’s over and I get up. Sometimes, like this morning, I read. Other times I will write. Once in a very blue moon I will watch TV.

    • Same. I’ll conk right out, and wake up two hours later. I’ve got a variety of herbal and medical options to put me back to sleep, but it’s always a crapshoot. If it’s 2 am, sure, take something. If it’s 4 am, and I take something, and then try to get up at 6:30 or 7, then I’m groggy and miserable. I’m not ready to go the full Ambien route.

      Insomnia sucks.

  2. Things like this:


    Don’t bother clicking; the URL tells you all you need to know. I assumed “artist” Louis Eisner was the spawn of Michael, former CEO of Disney, but no, he is the spawn of Eric, former President of the David Geffen Company. Michael Eisner has a son named Eric who is, what else, a producer and owns a production company, so I bet there’s some shared DNA among this lot.

    Should I start acquiring pieces by Louis Eisner? Probably not. The only notable sale I could find online was, “Ivanka Trump bought one of his pieces in 2013 for her home, according to a Bloomberg profile in December 2016.”

  3. Weird dreams wake me up & then my brain won’t shut down to allow me to go back to sleep.  Fear of not waking up in time for something like travel also keeps me from sleeping well.

  4. I can never tell if I have insomnia or if I’m just such a night owl that sleeping at night is difficult. I kind of suspect it’s that second one, because I’ve always slept better during the day. At this point, I’ve mostly just embraced it. It’s not at all uncommon for us, as a family, to be making food and starting a movie at midnight or 1am. All of us here are night people.

    For instance: I just had dinner, started a load of laundry, and started watching The Mummy Returns… at 9.30pm.

  5. My kids keep me up. When they aren’t to blame, I also suffer from insomnia triggered by intrusive thoughts or compulsively over-analyzing stressful situations (past, present, or future).

  6. Lately, usually caffeine “too late” in the day (any time after about 3 pm🙃), and/or reading stupid things on the interwebs…

    Tonight’s was going down a rabbit-hole on Wikipedia, about Lakewood Cemetery–which is walking distance from our apartment;


    Turns out not *only* is there the chapel based on the Hagia Sophia… annnnd all the mosaic work, stained glass, the amazing acoustics, and tons of Minnesotans of note…

    George Mikan is interred over there (most likely with his in-laws, if I read the info in his wife’s obit correctly–and they’re buried *sort of* near the Humphreys–Former VP Hubert H. Humphrey–the man the old HHH Metrodome was named after)…

    And my mind was blown, reading about the Mars family–yes, the Mars *candy* Mars family–because it turns out that *not only* did the Mars Candy Company get started *here* in Minneapolis…

    Forrest Mars was born up in Wadena. And his Dad Franklin–the guy who started the Mars Candy Company was born in HANCOCK🤪🤯🤣

    Hancock!!! Poky little HANCOCK🤯🤯🤯

    The man who was responsible for the creation of Milky Way, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, and whose son created M&M’s, Pedigree pet food, Uncle Ben’s products and *more*?!?

    The father was born in piddly-little HANCOCK, and his son was born in Wadena!

    And I grew UP practically *next DOOR* to those places, and just learned this TONIGHT!😆😂🤣🤣🤣

    I literally went in to tell my roommate, saying, “Have you heard of ANY of this, before tonight?!?!???” (She hadn’t either!🤣).

    There are SO many famous folks with Minnesota ties buried over there… but I had NO idea that after Shaq paid for Mikan’s funeral costs, Mikan was buried at Lakewood, *or* that the Mars family started out making their candy *here* either!😉

    I also discovered that, if I really wanted, apparently as someone in the U’s Body Bequeathment Program, my Dad could be buried there for free (🤯 again!), and that i can go over there at *any* time to get a ribbon to write his name on, and hang it on the Memorial Tree (and I’ll probably go do a lantern for dad, next fall during the Lantern Ceremony, too!😃😁🤗💖)… Dad *won’t* be getting buried at Lakewood, because he’ll be interred “up home,” where his siblings will eventually be buried… but I *may* take a little bit of his ashes over there, because that’s another of the pretty places he would’ve liked, back when he told me “Oh, just sprinkle a little of me here, a little there…”😉💖

    Those are the sorts of stupid things I end up following down rabbit-holes on the interwebs, and staying up waaaaay too late, learning about!😆😂🤣💖

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