What makes you happy? [NOT 15/2/22]

image of sitting meerkat with the text "Go Ahead. Take a break."

Hi, friends!

We’re at that time of year where we get random warm spring days then back to shitty cold weather. Anyways, today got up to around 60 and after work I was able to skip outside for a nice walk and damn if that didn’t help me decompress from the shitshow that is my work.

What sorts of things instantly elevate your mood?



  1. Rainbows, sunsets, beer, 3 to 6 foot shore breaks with nobody out, tipsy amorous wife.  Not necessarily in that order but probably in that order by frequency.

  2. Fanny and I had a nice walk this morning. It was cold, around 34 degrees but the sun was shining. We watched a woodpecker for a little while. Then I had a great yoga class. But for some reason, I’m in a foul mood this evening, and I don’t even know why. I better have a bourbon.

  3. Smacking dog treats 50 feet into the middle of the lake while Butcher Dog jumps a good 15 feet off the dock and swims to go get them.  The scooter and the bicycle leash are fun, but they just don’t compare to the unmitigated joy that is the swimming game.

  4. Finding *the thing* with the kiddos i work with–that thing they love, which we can play or do together, that makes them engaged–and then draws the belly laughs & giggles

    That bit of magic, that happens during play, where we both know the joke, but don’t necessarily need words, because we just *understand* each other & why “this” (whatever the “this” is!😉) is fun/funny😁🤗💖

    Also, getting to do “creative” stuff. Whether it’s art, or making up new stuff, and solving problems that were stumping folks around me & then making their lives easier with that solution.

    ADHD & ASD can be complete pains in the ass, sometimes… and having an executive function disorder can suck rocks  sometimes!!!

    But the ability to “noodle on something a bit” and then just *make the thing,* because I’ve been hand-sewing since I was 2-3ish, and machine sewing since I was a 5th grader?

    That’s pretty fun, and incredibly satisfying, too! Especially when you can just “hack & slash” something out of spare fabric, and a few random odds & ends, and make *exactly* what someone needs😉😁💖


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