What movies and shows are you waiting for? [NOT 5/5/21]

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Hi, friends!

What’s coming out this year that has you excited? I really enjoyed both WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and I’m very excited about the Loki miniseries.

I’m ridiculously excited about Spielberg’s West Side Story this winter. I don’t particularly care for the storyline (I don’t like Romeo and Juliet either), but the music and dancing has me super excited.

OMG SOMETHING FINALLY EMBEDDED!!!! Every time I try it always failed and I had to convert to link. It actually worked!

I also like documentaries and HBO does them well. I’m definitely going to be watching The Crime of the Century on HBO Max, which premieres next week I think. It’s about Purdue Pharma and the opioid epidemic and fuck Purdue Pharma.

This one embedded, too! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS



  1. Right after Trump won the election, I went paddle boarding with my friend that was a cameraman on the Apprentice.  I pitched a movie called “Hindsight 2020” about a big butt obsessed rapper named Hindsight  running against Trump in an election.  He liked the idea but since he was making lots of money on Trump wasn’t too helpful connecting me with his film buddies.  #metoo came soon after & made me rethink the premise but could have been a good film if we did it right.

  2. i have actually no idea whats coming out movie wise this year
    i vaguely remember cinemas being a thing…used to be you’d watch trailers and then go spend your hard earned cash on over priced popcorn and a wish and a promise
    but that was years ago…back when you were allowed to go outside
    anyways…im waiting for the final season and book of the expanse…tho i still need to watch season 5…which i think ill do this week….if i can get windows in built security to stop throwing hissy fits at my torrent dloader…

  3. I feel like I’m going to spend so much time catching up on what I missed in 2020. 
    In addition to The Underground RailroadUntitled Lulu Wang Project (talk about a power couple). 
    The latest (and, sadly, final) series of Kim’s Convenience
    And once the next series of Insecure is released, I’m going to finally do my free trial of HBO Max and binge the hell out of it and a few other things I’ve held out on because…too many damn streaming platforms.

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