What’s Coming Soon? [NOT 19/10/21]

Hi, friends!

What’s coming soon to theaters, Netflix, cable, Apple tv, whatever that has you excited? I’m hoping to find out something I want to watch, figured I’d pick all y’all’s brains. 🙂

I’m super excited about Star Trek: Discovery season 4 starting (Nov 18th), although I don’t have Paramount+ and I’m not buying it, so this is going to be a thing of preorder the dvds on Amazon and wait 8 months for them.

I’m also looking forward to Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop (Nov 19th). I have no fucking clue what it’s about, but I had a lot of friends when I was younger who loved that anime and it has John Cho in it. So yeah, I’ll watch that.

Hawkeye starts on Nov 24th on Disney+. I liked his character well enough in the Avengers stuff, so I’ll probably watch this.

Apparently the Witcher season 2 is finally premiering (Dec 17th). I should probably rewatch season 1 first. I had trouble following all the chronological shenanigans in the first few episodes and I probably missed some details.



    • Have you ever seen “Derry Girls?” I loved that show. It’s Derry in the 1980s but it’s similar; coming of age in Northern Ireland. They filmed two seasons and the season 2 finale pretty much wrapped everything up, but now I’ve heard there will be a season 3 but I don’t know when.

  1. Second season of Locke and Key


    • How is that? I saw one positive comparison to Stranger Things and I  could use some good exercise bike watching material.

      • I rather liked it, but I also liked the source material quite a bit.  Looks to be a pretty decent adaptation so far.

  2. Dune has gotten good reviews. I haven’t been in a theater since maybe Knives Out? Maybe an uncrowded matinee?

    • Dune’s also premiering on HBOMax I believe. So if you pay for that streaming service or have cable through a provider that has a deal currently to get it for their viewers for no additional charge (Spectrum does, for example), there’s that option.

    • Came here to say the same. Good reviews, good cast.

  3. Season 2 of The Great premiers Nov 19, huzzah!

  4. I might get Disney+ in a month or two and catch up on all things Marvel.


    Definitely can’t wait for Geralt Takes A Bath The Witcher S2!

    Cowboy Bebop and Star Trek are high on my list too. I read (sorry if it was posted here already) that they will dub Cowboy Bebop with the original voice actors which is just too cooooool! I may end up watching it dubbed with English subtitles (hope that’s an option).

    I also love Xmas movies and the volume of cheesy romcoms that spew out every year has been increasing exponentially. I’m still watching “new” ones from last year. Vanessa Hudgens has become synonymous with Xmas.

    No idea when The Expanse, Peaky Blinders, Altered Carbon, or The Wilds will resurface but I’m looking forward to them all.

  5. hmm…

    I haven’t watched much recently, haven’t had the time/energy.  oh well.

    currently have Netflix, and I think there is a Sandman adaptation in the works.  No idea when it will come out, and I may have to give the comics a reread, it’s been a good 20-25 years since I’ve read them…

    I’ll probably switch back to Amazon Prime after The Boys season 3 and the latest season of The Expanse dropped, I liked both those shows.


    I have no idea what’s going on with Hulu’s Marvel stuff, or if that got pulled back to Disney, but I rather liked both Cloak&Dagger and The Runaways, so I hope there are more seasons of both of those in the works…  I’m still mad the Netflix stuff got canceled, I really liked those…

    At some point I’ll give Disney+ a go, primarily for all the various Marvel stuff.


    I have no idea what’s in the theaters, I’ve already missed a few things I really wanted to see, but I’m trying to be responsible while Delta is spreading.  I’m pretty sick of it, so about a month or so after vaccines are widely available for kids, I might very well just stop caring about other people’s health when they can’t do the bare minimum.  Let all the unvaccinated deniers catch it and spend some time intubated and they can enjoy whatever follows.  fuckin assholes…

    • Shit hasn’t there been discussion of a Sandman adaptation for like 20 years?

      I won’t believe it until I see a release date.

  6. At long last, Succession series 3 premiered yesterday. And Insecure series 5 (the final one) starts next Sunday. I suppose this means I’ll be hanging on to my HBO Max upgrade for a while longer.

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