What’s coming soon? [NOT 22/8/22]

Hi, friends!

I hope your day went well.

What’s coming soon to tv/streaming/movies that has peaked your interest?

I saw Sunday night that a new season of Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy is coming out this fall. I love that show and he’s a great host, so a new season makes me very happy.

I’m also looking forward to the Black Panther sequel, Wakanda Forever. I don’t know what’s happening with that Mesoamerican culture but I did Maya archaeology in grad school so I’m stoked. I have very mixed thoughts about Apocalypto, which tried to depict Maya late postclassic culture but had some really shitty overtones (cough cough Mel Gibson). I expect the creative team with Ryan Coogler will do awesome things it.



  1. Devotion, a story about the US Navy’s first ever African American Naval Aviator, Jesse Brown and his friend, Thomas Hudner (whose personal history would later help reduce some racial tension in the Navy during the 70s.)

    Nov 2022

  2. Season 5 of The Crown in November with its all-new cast. Right around that time Hazza’s memoir is supposed to come out. Apparently the book is done and has been but in a rare display of discretion they didn’t release it during the Jubilee. However, they wanted to hook it to something, so they pushed it back to ride a mutually beneficial Windsor-related cresting frenzy. If the Queen dies of course all bets are off and we will be seeing neither project for a good long while. That’s my guess anyway.

  3. Going off-theme here, because open thread. I learned today that the woman responsible for me being fired — excuse me, my “position being eliminated” — was herself fired. Almost one year to the day after my dismissal.

    Words cannot express how amused I am by this development.

  4. The Amazon Lord of the Rings prequel starts in 10 days and there’s been very little buzz. Maybe it’s intentional, but I’d think if they were really psyched they’d be tooting their horn more.

    • I couldn’t follow along with the trailer as to what was supposed to be going on. I feel slightly embarrassed admitting that, but them’s the breaks. I did end up googling it to understand more. I only read the LOTR trilogy and the Hobbit, so anything before that age of Middle Earth I am going to need them to give more breadcrumbs on for me as a viewer to follow it.

      Also I’m highly suspicious that the halfling women are actually not thicc like hobbits and I’m gonna be cranky about that.

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