What’s Cooking, Friends? [NOT 15/8/21]

image of several popular varieties of tomatoes

Anyone trying new food this week?

I know butcherbakertoiletrymaker is eating lots of stuffed cabbage.

I’m trying a new vegetable recipe, a tian. Which is basically like “slice a fuckton of vegetables and then shove them in a casserole dish and bake for a while, then add shredded cheese and bake some more.

I have so many tomatoes to get rid of, so this seemed like a solid plan and there are a few pounds of maters in there.

Fingers crossed it turns out okay. I’ll know later tonight!



  1. We are on countdown for my youngest going off to college do we are letting her suggest dinners. I was surprised she asked for my garlic prawns (coming soon in a FYCE) but tonight I’m making Manicotti.  A friend made us some sourdough so I knew I had to make pasta.  I’m also making turkey meatballs to go with it.  My wife hates ground beef but loves ground turkey.  They come out much lighter than beef.  

  2. For the past few weeks I’ve been picking up King Oyster mushrooms at my farmers market and I am a big fan. There is a bit of an oyster flavor to them, but it’s subtle, and they are really forgiving to cook — they hold up to a long simmer without mushing up like button or portabellos. If they still have them in the fall, I would guess they would be tremendous roasted.
    I’m a little mystified by this bit from the Wikipedia article, though.

    “Like some other Pleurotus species, P. eryngii attacks nematodes and may provide a control method for these parasites when they infect cats and dogs.[citation needed]”


  3. I’m just trying to keep up with the harvest.  Working on my 2nd week of stir fry, but plan to make spaghetti alle zucchine again, because the first time was excellent and I still have these fucking zucchini to eat.

    • I enjoy zucchini well enough, but not enough to grow it and risk ending up with a bumper crop that I’d need to get through if I managed to hold off the squash vine borer moths. I grow tons of peppers because I’ll snack on them raw happily, but I could never get through any significant volume of zucchini.

        • Have you already figured out what you want to plant there next year? 

          I’m planning on turning a section of my front lawn into a perennial bed instead (I have some that I need to divide and a ton of bulbs I need to thin, so really once I kill the grass with some black plastic sheeting, I’ll have most of the plants already needed). 

          But I also think I’m going to sneak in an asparagus bed. I like how ferns look. And if it ever starts producing, once you let them go after harvesting it looks like ferns, right? 

          • We rotate our crops so we figure out what we’re planting each January when we develop the garden map.

            Asparagus is a great perennial.  You can’t harvest it for the first two years so that the crowns can establish themselves.  Also, be sure not to plant them too deep.  The deeper the crowns are, the thicker the asparagus will be when it grows.

  4. Last week (this week? Previous few days) I have been working through my “Cooking Notes While Institutionalized.” There may be a flurry of FYCE posts.

    While I was in the hospital and then in physical rehab I amused myself by remembering foods past. If Proust could do it, so can I. Plus Better Half generously visited me during the day; we’d lunch together, and between the two of us we dredged up lots of memories, some best forgotten. He acted as the Boswell to my Samuel Johnson, or if he wasn’t around I’d write down in a small notebook or email myself almost Dada-ist fragments that seemed to make sense at the time.

    The problems with this scheme were many and could have been foreseen. For one thing my Boswell has terrible handwriting (he went to private, non-parochial schools.) My quite clear public-school handwriting atrophied over the course of my five-week stay (being immobilized for a good part of it; that will do it to a person) and the various pain-killing regimen did nothing to improve it, nor make my typing on the phone any easier. I know there is such a thing as voice-to-text but it sounds sinister. Plus at the hospital the Wi-Fi was notional, at best.

    ANYWAY, I came across something I had written in my notebook that went, “[Friends X and Y] Greece fish yog olives feta 9/17” Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory, paid me a visit. Those two friends had gone to Greece and had a whitefish in a yogurt/dill sauce with feta and olives sprinkled on top and, because they liked it so much, I agreed to try my luck and make it for them sometime around September, 2017. It came out really well, so I made it again on Friday night for “meatless” (pescatarian) Friday. I’m going to write that up soon. 

      • thanks for taking over lol
        im having technical difficulties of the my fucking glasses exploded when i dropped them variety
        makes it a little less fun to be at the computer
        *squints at screen*
        hopefully ill be getting them fixed this afternoon….stupid miniature screws….no way in hell am i finding them again…certainly not without my glasses… sooo…ill have to try and talk a shop into giving me some….or fixing it for me

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