What’s cooking? [NOT 24/01/23]

overhead image of several bowls of different soups

Hi, friends!

What’s on the menu this week? I made a kale salad to eat all week and it tastes bad and I can’t figure out why. I love kale. I think it’s just old kale from the store and that’s why it tastes so bad.

How about you? Anything fun in the rotation this week?



  1. I usually base my meals on what is on sale or going to go bad soon in fridge.  Tonight is corned beef & cabbage.  I got some bacon wrapped filet mignon for $3.00 each today at store!  Couldn’t NOT buy those for later in week.  Some shrimp on sale too since wife won’t eat steak.

  2. Yesterday I went in for my first-ever colonoscopy (why not; I’ve had every other test done known to man and I’m long overdue) and I was told that the day before, Sunday, I had to stick to a clear liquid diet and then transfer over to a diarrhetic that Gwyneth Paltrow and her ilk refer to as a “cleanse” and that she probably sells for $400 a cupful.

    No problem, I thought, probably some of my favorite Hollywood Golden Era celebs went a day or a week subsisting on nothing but champagne and vodka. Then I got the prep instructions. No alcohol. I actually called the colonoscopy department at my hospital about this because alcohol is a diarrhetic, no? No. It’s it’s a diuretic, and they’re two different things. You learn something new every day, and in my opinion you’re usually better off not knowing.

    Tonight I used up some leftover steak, heated it up in the wok with some veg on its way out and rice, poured in a good amount of a flavored soy sauce, and made burritos.

          • Oh, I think I’m fine, I’ve just aged a decade in the last couple of years. I feel like an old car, you bring it in to get a headlight fixed and then before you know it after several more visits and more repairs you can still drive it, but just barely. I have things feeding into and off each other but nothing lethal so far. On some scale, I forget what it’s called, it’s got Boston in its name, I’m Class III, which means I have lots going on but I’ll live.

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