What’s cooking? [NOT 4/11/21]

Good evening DeadSplinterati,

This is somewhat of an impromptu post so you get a regurgitated topic. Much like the kitchen at a house party, food is a popular topic that draws us all together. To spice up my life, I’ve been trying one new recipe a week for the past month. Basically, I’m Julie & Julia-ing FYCE at an escargot à l’ail’s pace. So far my biggest takeaways are that Herbes de Provence is fucking amazing and that I’m never frying anything again. Slow clap for @matthewcrawley for pique-ing my curiosity when he mentioned that he likes to eat Herbes de Provence with a spoon. Now I put that shit on everything (except Asian cuisine).

What have you been cooking? Seasonal favorites? Have you tried a FYCE or other new recipes recently? Was it a success or flop? I made a cream of celery this morning and used celeriac for the first time. The dish was only so-so. Have you ever purposely cooked with new (to you) ingredients? As always, feel free to bring up another topic. That’s what NOT is all about.

Bon appetit,




  1. Ahem, I said I could eat herbes de Provence by the spoonful, not that I have, but give me time and I’m sure I will, absentmindedly.

    I ordered a cookbook recently that was something like “500 Old Favorites in New Ways.” It was really cheap and I was kind of intrigued. Along with the book came more junk mail than I’ve received over the course of the last two or three years, so the “publisher” must actually be a packager. The junk mail consisted of, among other things, a solicitation from St. Jude’s Hospital, an offer to order lots of checks for just four easy payments, a company that makes walk-in tubs, and most curious of all a tchotchke company that makes religious-themed figurines. “Show your devotion to God with these beautiful collectibles! Each month you’ll receive…”

    Apparently I’m a born-again-Christian grandmother. So glad my name and address is now floating around in some direct mail database.

      • Oh I knew you were in on the joke, but some of my FYCE posts are so…eccentric…that some of you could probably imagine me getting up in the middle of the night and polishing off a jar of herbes de Provence.

    • Any day now, you’ll receive a Harriet Carter catalogue (if you haven’t already).

      I’m skeptical of those walk-in tubs. Even if they really are water tight, I just know I’d swing the door open with water still in the tub and fuck up the bathroom floor.

  2. umm..i just made some toast?

    trying to find the sweet spot on my toaster…you know the one

    where its actually toasted….instead of barely warm or charcoaled


    also..just as a heads up…im quitting smoking when my cigarettes run out this weekend…no idea what that will do to my ever sunny disposition..so yeah… count yourself warned

    (its not exactly coz i really want to…but groceries have become so expensive that im having to choose between smoking and eating)

    • Best wishes @Farscythe, I hope that it easy for you. Do they offer Chantix or a similar thing in your area? Works well, and is usually covered by insurance, even here in the land of medical bankruptcies.

      • thank you 🙂

        we do have similar stuff to chantix…but i’d have to pay for it myself…at least untill i hit my $385 own risk


        sooo…it would probably cost me the same as smoking…. not an unreasonable amount of money…but well..the money isnt there

        anyways..ive tried the medication route before..and it didnt work out for me…so i might as well go for the hardcore run and see how it goes

  3. Today was a bad day, physically speaking, so I spent a lot of time sleeping due to pain meds. Cooking was not happening. I had a can of vegetable soup and 2 pieces of toast with labne on it for dinner.

    Labne is awesome, btw. It’s a spreadable cheese similar to cream cheese made from yogurt. It has active cultures in it, and is tangier than cream cheese. I use it as a spread on toast, stir a spoonful into mashed potatoes or chili, and it’s really good spread on a toasted pita with apple-maple jam!

    Question: what would you do with several dozen thin, pre-cooked burger patties? I’ve made taco meat, sloppy joe pasta casserole, lasagna casserole, hamburger soup, and cheesy hamburger and rice casserole. Anyone got any bright ideas? I’m running out!

    • An easy, common, and good way to use up a lot of hamburger is to make a rich pasta Bolognese sauce out of it. That’s also a good way to use up a lot of Roma tomatoes if you have a bountiful harvest. I’ve never done this but apparently Bolognese sauce freezes really well.

    • Puff pastry? Sauté sliced mushrooms, onions, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, and/or veggies on-hand. Layer it on a puff pastry sheet. Add a cheese layer (often mixed with milk/cream/sour cream/plain yogurt for consistency). Layer your hamburgers in scallops on top. Add another layer of either cheese or veggies or both. Finish with the other puff pastry sheet on top, crimped to close with the bottom sheet. Paint the top sheet with butter and milk; vent; bake at 400 for 25-35 minutes. Basically, puff pastry is an awesome container for leftovers. And, you could roll it like a jelly roll, or make 4 individual tiny versions, or even put it in a pie pan as opposed to using a baking sheet. @HoneySmacks.

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