What’s Cooking? [NOT 6/2/22]

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Hi, friends!

Have you been inspired by our celebrity edition FYCE posts to eat like the rich and famous?

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the frozen pizza in the freezer?

Either way, what’s on the menu this week?

I had some cauliflower and root veggies to use up and it’s still cold outside, so I’ve got a veggie curry cooking away and my house smells fucking amazing from it.



  1. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow. I’m thinking of making baked beans, and chicken enchiladas this week. I’m also thawing some peaches to make muffins.

  2. I stopped at the grocery store last night to fill some gallon water jugs for Lil, up here at Dad’s (the water here at the apartment tends to mold,  and her GI system is sensitive enough that I’m not willing to chance her getting sick from it, so I get refills and she drinks THAT water😉)…

    They had some cold fried chicken in the deli case, so that’ll be lunches/suppers for a few days this week back home.

    Sandwiches (deli ham) will be the other, because last weekend one of the other stores had a major sale, and the Oscar Mayer deli ham was 99 cents a package–i forgot it up here, but it’ll go back with us tonight😉

      • We’re kinda in a weird bit of stasis right now… nothing really changing, but nothing BAD-bad, either, which is ok i think?

        His short-term memory appears to be well & truly GONE for the major part, and that sucks… and I know he’s lonely (annnnd he thinks no one comes to visit and that I’m never up here, even though I’m here every weekend!😉🤣💖), so there’s that…

        At about 8 tonight, I came to the conclusion that I can’t get everything I need to do this weekend done tonight, so I’ll be going back tomorrow instead & using another FMLA day… there’s just SO MUCH that still needs to get taken care of, and with *just me* to get it done, sometimes it’s a lot.

        But I did get a few things taken care of, once I made that decision, and I had a good call with Mom tonight, too, about possibly/probably moving both her & i up here as an option, later on this year, if Dad’s gonna need to be in either a nursing home or assisted living care for years, like it seems like may be happening.

        I talked to her about how I’m thinking *I* may need to move back up here, because I’m gonna burn out FAST, if I try to keep running back & forth for years the way I currently am.

        And that’s when she said SHE would be more than willing to move up here, if I am, so that I don’t need to run an hour+ down to see her😉

        She told me the only reason she’s been preferring her current assisted living place is ‘cuz she’s been there so long and she likes the ladies she hangs put with & goes to the center’s activities with… but up here, there’s honestly MORE for her to do,  because this town in particular has long-established Senior centers & organizations, and the local transportation company is based in this town & has established/dedicated routes that they run every day.

        So if I could get a job in my field, I may be able to move up here, AND be able to have both mom and dad close by, as they get older💖

        • Eta, the big thing that WILL be hard to deal with, tho, moving out of Minneapolis, is that the closest GOOD Middle-Eastern/ Mediterranean/ Indian/ Vietnamese/ Thai restaurants are all at least an hour away!!!

          At least it’s not *two* hours (like the Twin Cities), but the only great international restaurants here are Mexican & “Chinese” (Americanized Chinese, not Real-Chinese Chinese😉).

          We get good Mexican, because there was a wave of immigration from Mexico & Central America to work at the Turkey Processing plants, back in the late 80’s  & early 90’s, and there have been decent “Chinese” restaurants since the mid/late 70’s, back when MN started becoming a haven for folks fleeing Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the surrounding parts of SE Asia back then😉


  3. I made two 4 litre bowls of vegan chilli. Tomorrow I am going to prep a 4 litre bowl each of a spinach lentil soup and curry.

    The chilli goes extremely well with an avocados for anyone wondering.

  4. cheese!

    my local supermarket shut for a week as of yesterday…so everything with a limited shelf life was half price

    i didnt wake up in time for that to be very helpful…but ive got a fridgefull of cheeses now…and sammich meats

    so i probably wont starve before they open up again

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