What’s Cooking This Week? [NOT 17/1/22]

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Hi, friends!

In the ongoing saga of “please clean out the freezer and eat food I make at home,” yesterday I went through the shelves and found 3 bags of IKEA veggie balls, 1 opened. So today I made a tray of those with some frozen veggies for the sides. And I found some riced cauliflower to microwave as well. HELLS YEAH 4 bags of stuff gone from the freezer.

The other meal I’m making this week is a lovely pot of soup. Found the lima beans I shelled and froze over the summer. Boom. Also found a bag of frozen leaf spinach so that’s getting tossed in the soup as well. Oh no, oh darn, I had to open a bottle of white wine for the soup so shucks guess I need to drink that once it chills. Thanks, Costco pinot grigio with a screw-top lid. So 2 more things gone from my freezer.

It’s funny how there are some things with cooking that apparently are buried in the brain somewhere. I haven’t made gravy or sauces that weren’t tomato-based in a long time. I don’t think I’ve made a roux in actual years. But I needed a gravy for those veggie balls and I was checking recipes online and most I was finding needed heavy cream/milk (I don’t keep those around) or soy sauce (food allergy) or Worchestershire sauce (food allergy in some brands, also super high in sodium so I don’t keep that around either) so I was like fuck it, I’ll just wing this with a roux and whatever else. I did use beef stock along with the butter so those veggie balls are no long vegan but hey my gravy turned out awesome.

*yes I love rice and yes I love cauliflower but while I will eat cauliflower rice, it absolutely does not taste like rice.

What’s on your menu this week? Anything fun or just the same old, same old stuff?

Also shameless plug for a product. Those IKEA veggie balls are fantastic tasting and hold up great during cooking. Highly recommend picking up a bag next time you’re at IKEA.



  1. I made another big batch of stir fried veggies and bulgur for dinner tonight. I’ll probably be eating it all week. I have a craving for beef barley soup so I might go to the butcher shop looking for soup bones.

    • Nice! I make quinoa, rice, millet, and couscous, but I don’t think I’ve made bulgur. Are you eating the leftovers cold like in a tabbouleh salad? Or do you reheat and serve the veggies over it? Both sound good, I’m just nosy.

      • Farro is easily my favorite whole grain. It’s worth finding it in bulk to bring the price down, although I’ve found it cheap at Aldi’s. Actually it’s second to wild rice, but that’s never cheap. Farro seems to be easy to have both a good flavor and texture that’s hard to hit with a lot of other grains, which tend to go too mushy, take too long to cook, or have off flavors for my tastes.

        • I’ve never eaten farro. But I like grains so I might give it a try.

      • I reheat it with the veggies, and sometimes add a fried egg on top.

  2. IKEA also sells plant based meatballs. I like eating those when I’m sitting at IKEA waiting for my EV to charge.

    • Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. They call them vegetable balls on the package so that’s what I went with here. (until I ruined the meat-free aspect with the beef broth and butter)


      Wait a moment I went to their website and now I’m so confused because you’re totally right, there are plant based ones. But also aren’t these plant based? 

      What the heck is going on

  3. I cooked up a bunch of mushrooms I got from the farmer’s market. They’re extremely short on produce this time of year, but I assume the mushrooms all grow inside so they’re still going strong. Some weird variety that tastes really good — just slow cooked with garlic.

    • I’m totally not a mushroom person at all, but earlier this year I was at a bar with a friend and they ordered the fried mushrooms and that genius bartender makes them in the airfryer. Sliced thin and then also with a tangy dipping sauce. I never knew there was a way to make mushrooms that I liked until then!

    • I love mushrooms. As a picky child I refused to eat them until I read about the hobbits stealing them in the Lord of the Rings, tried them and loved them. All varieties except wood ears.  I’m not fond of those but I’ll eat them if they’re in something.

  4. Otherwise, same old same old.

    After a shit ass start of the day of fighting traffic and snow.  Fighting work.  Staying 4 hours more because I knew traffic would be shit and then coming home to find your driveway has been blocked by The Fucking Wall From Game of Thrones and spending an hour digging enough of it out (oh to have a zombie dragon to burn it all down.)

    I had enough energy digging out this wall of ice and snow because I was filled with rage at the incompetence of the mayor of my city and the premier of Ontario. Instead of I don’t know, putting the plows on the road when things were just starting, they waited till everything was a complete fucking mess. I didn’t see a plow until 45 minutes into my journey into hell in the morning.*

    *I know they’re not entirely to blame as their moronic transportation/works dipshits have more responsibility, but they’re also the fools in charge.

    I think I would like to drink a beer, but I’m not in my 30s anymore so I won’t. A beer doesn’t go away as quickly as I get older and my job requires me to be on my toes.  Being slightly hungover won’t help.

    Instead it’s a warm shower and a glass of cranberry juice.



    • I think it’s completely reasonable to be angry at the dipshits high up in the department who chose the timeline to send the trucks out.

      The drivers were doing their jobs, but whomever decided when they should start work really dropped the ball/intentionally fucked people over.

  5. Today was assorted leftovers and make-your-own sandwiches, and tomorrow I’m thinking about making a good spicy chili. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with meal planning for this week! I do have a bag of red lentils that I’ve  been considering what I can do with… presumably some sort of spiced lentils and rice dish that I can throw in the oven and not fuss with.

  6. I made Moqueca for the first time. It’s a Brazilian fish coconut soup. The recipe may not be authentic (ie written by a white woman) but it worked with the ingredients I had on hand. I made it with halibut* and it was a perfect foggy weekend meal.

    *I bought way too much halibut by accident which is why I ended up making this new dish. I am notoriously bad at buying correct portions of fish. Instead of saying “I need enough for three adults.” I’m like “I need three filets about this thick.” *squints and holds thumb and index finger 2″ apart* 50$ later and I have enough to feed 6 adults. Sigh. Anyway, happy mistake this time. Learned a new recipe and the leftovers were good too!

  7. I made a focaccia yesterday and it turned out pretty well. It was a little salty, even after I halved the salt they asked for – a whole tablespoon, plus more on top.

    I’d make it again with some toppings (cheese and carmelized onions or something olives maybe…)

    I thought it was ‘fine’ my neighbors raved about it. I’m a harsh critic re: baked goods.

  8. Nice job on the freezer!

    I’m trying to get back to my staples: whole grains, vegetables, and lean protein. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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