What’s good? [NOT 2/3/22]

Hi, friends!

How is your week going? Is the weather decent?

What’s something that is good in your world? I’m enjoying donuts for dinner and I realized today that Zoolander just showed up on Netflix!!! I fucking love that stupid movie.



  1. Today I invented what I hope to be “Colo(u)r of the year” but only time will tell.

    Good news: grey is FINALLY going out of style again and it’s about goddamn time!

      • I can appreciate grey as the “combination of all colours” at least in a spectral data sense but all of its finite but seemingly infinite variations are fucking boring and dull regardless of its use in our physical world.

        I can’t even articulate myself as it pertains to simple thoughts so imagine me trying to explain this

        to the “know-it-all” layman’s with whom I deal on a daily basis.

        I like to think some of my incoherent rants went a long way in the demise of grey like it’s 1997 all over again, but I know I am really not that important.

  2. i feel right as rain again!

    felt like death at the start of the week,tuesday too… sniffles,freezing my arse off where im normally overheating, generally weak

    was a sucky time at work…but tested negative so *shrugs*

    anyways…whatever it was is gone…not even so much as a sniffle!


  3. I live in a neighborhood where I’m friends with most of my neighbors and we always say there’s no problem that cant be solved on the court. We have lawyers, nurses, finance people, professors, a dog walker… etc. Last night my neck spasmed and I texted my neighbor who’s a physical therapist and she fixed me right up, at 9PM. Love my street!

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