What’s good? [NOT 21/2/22]

Thank you, Moira Rose, for this gem.

Hi, friends!

What’s good in your lives? What’s something you’re looking forward to this week?

I’ve started the veggie garden prep (nothing intense but a little more than last year) in the sense of getting stakes, etc. It’s too early to plant anything but I do have some seeds that I am sure I’ll try and fail with in a month or two.

I had a really good conversation with my boss today. I wanted to make sure we all understood just how absolute fucking clownshoes our upcoming project is, mainly because I want to have my ass covered when it goes to shit. It might be a unicorn and work out. But also, might be a dumpster fire.



  1. I got a haircut today. A cousin of mine texted to say she’s going to be in town next week. We made plans for dinner. And I had a blackberry Bubly water earlier. Not a bad Monday.

  2. I was going through my spam folder yesterday and noticed a few e-mails from this language service provider based in Dublin, which every so often sends me machine-translated segments to edit and correct. They’d been sent on Saturday, so I figured that they’d all been taken by then. But I still checked things out just the same and found that there was a huge fucking project full of segments that someone’d dumped there. I mean, the most money I’d ever made with them before was about 56, and even that took a couple of days a few months apart to get. (I’d had some spare change in my wallet on there, but not nearly enough to take out.) I started working about an hour or so at a time between last night and today, and by the end I’d made about 140. Once that shows up in dollars in my Paypal, I’ll be putting that money in my decidedly non-European HSA, now that I finally seem to have fixed things with my employer so that the money will be taken out of my paycheck again, just like last year.



    You have been warned


    My wife reported today that the foster dog — who had the runs I cleaned up last night — pooped out a giant hairball this morning and his digestion seems to be working a lot better now.





  4. the good : its been 2 years…but i think today my hourly news at work is finally not going to be corona this and corona that

    the bad : its coz russia just landy grabbed some of ukraine…


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