What’s good? [NOT 22/3/23]

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Hi, friends!

Tell me something good that’s going on. Either in your world or some rando thing you saw/read/etc.

I haven’t had any diet soda in over a week and wow those first few days were weird. But now I have more energy and have saved myself an embarrassing amount of money at the work vending machines.

Also, the spring flowers are coming in and my flowerbeds are making me happy!



  1. Having to arrange contractors for my parents. I don’t mind, but it is tough when on nights.

    Waiting for the results of 2nd interview (internal posting). I would laugh out loud if I land  this job as it attracts numerous ladder climbers and the ambitious (most of them suck at this role because well, you need brains and some talent to do it.)

    What sucks is this is the one day I can’t sleep on nights. Happens once a shift. Only three hours of sleep, ugh.

  2. Beautiful spring day here & went for a short bike ride.  Finally getting back in the groove playing volleyball.  Last season was painful getting back into shape & we lost a bunch.  This season we have won every game so far even undermanned.  I’m now playing with 2 of my daughter’s former coaches which is fun.  We are older than most of the teams & it’s funny watching the frustration when the other teams lose to us.

  3. Busy day, but a good one, overall.


    One really good thing was the “Equity 101” training i had tonight for work.

    It was a good training, info-wise, and the people presenting (folks *in* our program) REALLY worked hard to open up the dialog, and get the trainees COMFORTABLE with *being uncomfortable* in our work, and *not* getting all caught up in worries about stepping wrong, and therefore shutting DOWN conversations, instead of getting through the awkwardness & the morass.

    We work with KIDS, awkward is gonna HAPPEN sometimes, in conversations–WE, as the adults in the room, NEED to be able to put our *own* feelings aside to deal with later, and help GUIDE our kids well!

    And, frankly, we big districts (and some of the smaller ones, too!) have LITERALLY lost lawsuits, in regard to abuse of student’s civil rights before, so we HAVE to be able to *actively & effectively* hold space for our kids to feel & to BE safe!!! Kids die when they don’t feel safe to be themselves in school. When they don’t have that *one* place to truly be themselves, without pressure or judgement. We HAVE to be the folks who hold that space SAFE, so they have respite from the things outside which build the pressure on them, to unsurvivable levels.💖

    There’s BEEN a mental health crisis–since BEFORE Covid, in Ed, for kids on the margins. It’s just *worse* and *MORE NOTICEABLE* since.

    • So thankful for educators like you!  It just seems to get harder for teachers & schools in general.  My youngest is going to be a math teacher & I worry about how she will handle the pressure of all the shit she can’t control.  She is very sensitive.

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