What’s Happening [NOT 16/10/21]

The kid came over today for his 35th birthday. Cookie cake, cocktails, take out, and now I have heartburn. What’s happening with you?



  1. Thursday and Friday I had 10-14 hour days between meetings with out-of-town managment, entertainment thereof, and catching up with regular work. It was good to relax with family. Also, one is , apparently, never too old for happy birthday cookie cake.

  2. happy birthday to the kid

    nothing much happening here

    so far the highlight of my weekend was having to break in to next doors house to let the neighbourlady in

    she now thinks im some kinda ninja cat burglar

    (im actually just tall enough to reach the backdoor latch through the kitchen window she left open….really….climbing the fence was the hardest part)

    • tho…as a side note…..lock your doors….dont latch them

      i can open a latched door in like a minute…using a garden hoe….theres a remarkable amount of flex in doors that arent locked

      • if i reincarnate as a cat i would consider that a win

        heres to hoping 😀

  3. I made apple butter today.

    Oh no, oh darn, 2 of the small jars didn’t seal after the water bath so now I’ll just have to eat those soon. Such a shame. However will I make do…

  4. Also cookie cake is fantastic and often underappreciated.

    One of the grocery store chains sells them with icing around the edge for like $12 and the bakery staff will ice a message on them for free. As long as there’s no curse words, they will put about anything on the cakes for you.


    My friends and I used to get them with messages like “gross, you’re really old” or “you make bad decisions”

    • One of the nice features of a cookie cake is that it maximizes the amount of chewy, slightly-underbaked cookie middle. And, as we all know, that’s the best part.

  5. I’m taking a break while wife & daughter walk by the bay.  I’m walked out after 2 days of exploring, eating too much & driving around.  Hopefully this kicks daughter out of her blues.  She is struggling to make new friends but won’t do much to change it.  She lives in one of WA’s most beautiful places though so we’re trying to get her to take advantage of that.

  6. I just got a new tablet and it’s such a dispiriting process setting it up. It’s just an upgraded version of the same Android brand tablet, but loading new apps, transferring settings, hunting down bloatware, turning off notifications sounds…

    What drives me nuts is the maximalist assumption that every app must be loaded, every feature must be enabled, instead of doing a base install and asking if users want more. I realize partnership deals drive this, and internal incentives at companies drive developers to push features by default to bump up usership numbers from people who can’t figure out how to turn features off. But it just leaves me with a sour feeling that the usability of a device and apps gets overriden so often.

    • Ugh, yes. I had some sprots league app (like NFL or something similar) that I had no interest in pre-installed on my iPad. And every time my phone updates, I suddenly get Apple News all over again. I don’t need to be bothered with BuzzFeed listicles about how GenZ is clowning on me now, or recommendations for products on Amazon that I most definitely will not buy, thanks.

  7. Well, on Monday I’ll start to cash in on the first of two weeks of Paid Time Off from my job, which I somehow managed to finagle over the summer without selling my soul – or any particularly necessary bodily appendage. Mind you, this is (mostly) not for vacation purposes: I was asked to work on a jury trial slated to take all of next week and requiring four Spanish interpreters. Then, the week after, I’m taking my car in for the removal of a scratch on the bumper from not pulling far enough into my parents’ garage and spending a couple of days at their house before I leave for Minneapolis, where I’m attending the ATA Annual Conference and taking a crack at the very expensive, very difficult-to-pass certification exam for Spanish into English.

    Of course, a new development that came up yesterday is that apparently I’m not needed for the trial until Tuesday afternoon, and since I’d already said no to a couple of assignment offers for Monday from agencies that don’t really know I’ve got a full-time job now, I was planning on doing a fat load of nothing that day. Except, an even newer development that came from my mom about an hour ago is that we’ve all been invited to spend Thanksgiving with my sister’s family out in the exurbs of Denver. I did some quick and dirty calculations, accounting for the PTO that I’m about to use and assuming that we’d be leaving the Wednesday before and coming back the Monday after, and realized that I’d be half an hour short of being able to have the full days off. So . . . I guess I have to see about trying to work for all of half an hour on Monday in order to keep in good enough standing to get the PTO. (And whether I do end up getting it is a question in and of itself.)

    But, hell . . . in the hopefully much less pressing meantime, I’m about to get together for some food and drinks and snark with another Deadsplinterite you may know from around these parts. (I’ll let you know how the apple butter turned out. . . .)

  8. Happy Birthday Kid Blacksmith!

    I ate way too much this weekend – daughter and I got Thai last night, and donuts for breakfast. I had leftover Thai for dinner.

    • I too had donuts for breakfast!

      But they were from the gas station after I came home from buying veggies at the market. Heaven forbid I make consistent good choices and accidentally lose weight.

      • I hear ya

      • Gas Station Donuts would make for an excellent band name. Or, if in NYC, a venue in a trendy neighborhood that literally sells gas station donuts procured across the river in New Jersey.

        At Gas Station Donuts, however, the “collection” is “curated,” and the husband-and-wife team (let’s call them Adrian and Adrien) have meticulously refurbished a small storefront that previously served as an underground crackhouse/gambling den but thankfully those kinds of people don’t live anywhere near the space nowadays.

        This partly explains why the donuts range from $7.50 (plain) to up to $13.50 (filled). But get there early, because lines form starting at 7 AM on weekends. There is limited seating inside, just one sidewalk-facing counter that will fit four cozily, but in warmer months take advantage of the outdoor dining, which consists of six “ironic” plastic patio sets (4 4-tops; 2 6-tops) on the sidewalk and in the bike lane, from which you can observe/block the passing scene and enjoy a good view of the Martinetti Bros. Auto Repair Shop just across the street.

        • Well, Vincent Van Doughnut is our local curated donut venue.

          They are really really good, but also like $4/per donut. “Artisanal”

          • I would no sooner pay $4 for a donut than I would jump into the deep fryer where the $4 donuts are made, but Vincent Van Donut is a pretty good name.

            Here in New York, at the Dominique Ansel bakery, they are still selling their invention, the cronut, at $6 a pop. Who is still buying these novelty items I don’t know.

  9. Drove 3 hours to my daughter’s school, watched her score a try in her rugby game, drove 3 hours home.  Picked up a couple bottles of whiskey in New Hampshire.

  10. Went bat watching at dusk with the kids tonight. Seattle’s wildlife is so cool! They feast above the ravine in our neighborhood.

    • I love bats, so cool & misunderstood.

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