What’s happening? [NOT 30/6/22]

Hi, friends!

How is your day going? Almost Friday which always makes me happy.

Are you getting a fuckton of idiots with fireworks where you live? I swear in 2020 people seemed to use their covid stimulus money to just fucking go buy fireworks, with 2021 not being as bad. This year it’s been almost nonexistent going into the holiday weekend.

My suspicion is that maybe it’s related to gas prices? Almost $5/gallon but you have to drive to an adjacent county to buy fireworks. I expect this weekend to be noisy from idiots but I bet there’s been more of “we’re going ONCE to the firework stand” as opposed to “oh damn we used them all up already, let’s go get more” especially as 2020 and 2021 also had no covid restrictions at all in the adjacent counties where you could buy fireworks.



  1. My weekend starts now.  I was hoping to work Monday but that got quashed by the site nurse who told me that I needed to give my sore back a break (and not a break.)

    So I’m on modified duties for the first time ever.  No OT pretty much for a min of 2 weeks. My back is happy, but my bank account will not be.

    I really do need a break from constant OT so I’m listening.

    The nurse said I was unusual as I was one of the few people she’s seen who didn’t demand short term or long term disability (why? I’m not THAT hurt or lazy.)  Also surprised I didn’t start screaming about being put on modified like other workaholic folks in my dept. 1) I’m not going to counter a medical professional. 2) I’m not that stupid/greedy to put my body in ruin for a few extra bucks (but to be fair I sort of did.)

    Also figured out my fucking worn out shoe inserts were causing my calves to tighten and thus the rest of the chain of muscles up to my back.

    I used the new inserts yesterday and found out  this morning my calves aren’t super tight like they’ve been the past 4 months.  /smacks head in dismay/

    Stupid me. Hopefully this clears up the aches and pains I’ve been feeling.

    • My stupid self has been dealing with bad plantar fasciitis for weeks and finally about 2 weeks ago was like hey dumdum maybe try sleeping in the ankle brace so the alignment is better. Immediate improvement. I mean I am still dealing with it, but nothing near the scale as before.

    • Manchu, in addition to those new shoe inserts–how old are your shoes?

      because if your work in the factory is mostly walking around on concrete floors and the shoes are more than 6 months old (or a year/2-years, if boots?) they could be part of the issue, too💖


      A friend who learned the “concrete floors mean needing new shoes every 6 months, due to shoe breakdown” lesson a few years back😉💞


      (Once I was finally Dx’ed with plantar fasciitis, and started buying the kids’ Keen shoes,** I learned if they got switched out with new ones every 3-6 months, I did MUCH better regarding knee, hip, & eventually back pain.)

      **because their kids’ sandals have closed toes & heels, unlike the women’s sizes!

  2. In unrelated news, I just had an amazing Costco visit.

    Not only did the bag of avocados drop $2 from the last time I bought them a few weeks back, someone fucked up and my 6 avocado bag had SEVEN avocados in it.

    What an exciting time to be alive!

  3. I am proud to say that I toed the line of blissfully buzzed and over the limit. It’s only 2220, but I am ready to crawl into bed for a good night’s rest.

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