…what’s in a name [DOT 2/5/20]

…you know, sometimes I worry…I mean, there’s our meg trying to save you all from the incipient meltdown I seem to have on a permanent simmer & you’d think I’d get the hint & dial it back a notch or two…it is the weekend after all

…but somehow it just doesn’t seem to go that way


…I get it…by now it’s not surprising…& yet it is still shocking quite how bad the basis is that this shit is predicated on


…& the thing about conclusions, you see…is that if you have them when you start out that means they can’t be conclusions…that would be more by way of your preconceptions


…& speaking of preconceptions

Trump Moves to Replace Watchdog Who Identified Critical Medical Shortages


…seriously, though…the China thing is some Escher-grade pretzel-ed logic…not least given that a man some strangely still believe deserves to be called a president who just so happens to owe some Chinese interests a billion or so dollars in a loan that begins to come due around the next chinese new year happened to send some millions of dollars of PPE over there just a while back…& in return they’re churning out…oh, yeah


…so that’s sure to go down as great fucking “investment” by fickle lord taunt-your-boy…but as a fan of irony I’d just like to give a moment to this delightful pairing


…so…that’d be a no to the chinese-bio-weapon-lab origin story


…but a hearty “fuck, yeah” to the US bio-weapon-lab fucking with that shit…in a good way, obviously…but still


…if you make Boris “omnishambles” Johnson look good…dude…your. shit. is. fucked. up.


…same shit…different secretary


…& we all know that doing the same shit over & over while expecting a different result is…yeah


…& as sayings go…it’s up there with actions speaking louder than words


…which might be handy for these hard of thinking fuckwits out there looking to bust a cap in covid’s ass or some similarly asinine bit of fully-automatic bullshit


…& naturally when a group of overweight dimestore LARPers cosplaying at soldier bring their “assault weapons” to not-assault federal buildings…no one gets shot


…I’m guessing even most of the folks who would have marched with the Panthers back in the day are thinking Justin’s deal looks about right?


“Canadians deserve more than thoughts & prayers” – who says politicians aren’t funny?


…yeah…shit ain’t funny…but something sure smells that way






What the Proponents of ‘Natural’ Herd Immunity Don’t Say

…& let’s be clear about this




Hotelier’s Push for $126 Million in Small-Business Aid Draws Scrutiny



…still…unlike that malaria medication he was touting this stuff seems like it might do some good


…but for the record…& by way of explaining what the hell I thought the title to this was about

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margret Atwood was on the shelves in 1985

Gilead Sciences was founded in June 1987

…I don’t give a fuck if you want to try & talk some shit about biblical references…that right there is a shameful exercise in branding…not to mention a word I don’t ever need to hear spilling out of that rank & puckered orifice in office

…so, this is all well & good if it helps some people who need it


…this is pushing pretty hard in the other direction


…why do we suppose he only wants him talking to the Senate?

…oh, yeah


…clear & present danger anyone?



…& what was it someone was driveling on about the other day…don’t let the cure be worse than the disease?


tech giants could have all the power and absolutely none of the accountability

…& you know what…I could go on…I really could…looking around it even feels like I might just barely be getting started…so…the odds are good you’ll be looking at something from meg about this time tomorrow?



  1. wow..gonna take me a while to work through all those..lol
    anyhoo..over here the gubment decided kids under 12 dont spread the rona (germany dissagrees) so social distancing has been lifted for them they can do sports again and shit..wich eh..good for them i suppose..
    the logic being that kids even if they catch it hardly get symptoms like coughing that helps covid spread..
    i cant help but feel the gubments overlooking that kids also hardly get symptoms like washing their hands and not touching every fucking thing…
    welp..see how it goes i guess…its not like we’d notice anything getting better or worse as we arent testing people that arent in a hospital..and in 2 weeks school staff as we are re opening those after the holiday

    • …I’m kinda on the fence about reopening schools in light of some of the stuff I’ve read about the less fortunate cases among the pre-adult portions of some populations?



      …but like you say…there’s already too much up there that isn’t Calvin & Hobbes

      • had to go run an errand (twas a mission for large spuds…i have a craving for baked spuds n butter)
        but yeah..some kids do have pretty bad complications…but its a very small number of them and the gubment here is running a pretty cold and calculated response to covid where there is an acceptable rate of infection/mortality in order to keep as much of the economy running as possible…its not exactly winning us friends in europe.. (neither is dicking about italy n spain about relief funds… we want terms and conditions for that shit)

    • The guideline where I live seems to be “no shared touching of objects,” so golf is okay but baseball apparently is not.

    • “the logic being that kids even if they catch it hardly get symptoms like coughing that helps covid spread..”

      That…. sounds like a great way to make a few million (hundred thousand?) tiny Typhoid Marys happen…

      • hey who am i to question the great minds running this country?
        *sharpens pitchfork*

  2. Alex Jones, a guy who’s never missed a meal, is contemplating cannibalism due to lock down. And of course he’s blaming “globalists”.

    “You think I like sizing up my neighbor?!” he yelled. “I’m gonna haul him up by a chain and chop his ass up! I’ll do it! My children aren’t going hungry! I’ll eat your ass! And that’s what I want the globalists to know — I will eat your ass first!”

    Am I the only one who thinks Jones has been hoping for this moment his whole life?

    WATCH: Alex Jones endorses cannibalism less than two months into coronavirus lockdowns

    • he should eat the brains first….its the best part and totally wont have any side effects…i promises…pinky swears even
      anyhoo…he does realize the supermarkets are open right?

      • Oh, I’m sure he does but the opportunity is too good for him to pass up!

    • Sounds to me like Alex Jones just likes to eat ass. #AlexJonesassmuncher

      • Yes, I think he revealed more about himself than he intended, lol.

  3. Rip I leave you alone for five god damn minutes! Give me those keys back.

    • …yeah…kinda saw that one coming?

      • You sit in your time out and think about what you did.

  4. Don’t talk about rope in a hanged man’s house!

    Trump told Reuters he did not believe opinion polls that showed his likely Democratic presidential opponent, Joe Biden, leading the race for the White House.

    “I don’t believe the polls,” Trump said. “I believe the people of this country are smart. And I don’t think that they will put a man in who’s incompetent.”


    rip posted the link in one of this week;s dot but I read it today…

    • …ain’t it something?

      …as much of his own bullshit as he believes…& as conscious of his ratings as he is…you wouldn’t think it was such a hard poll to credit, really

      …but that bit about not believing they’d vote in an incompetent…that might be approaching a critical mass of irony

      • I fell on the floor when I read the last bit. shows you how far up his ass his head is…

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