…what’s in a word? [DOT 22/2/20]

…shall I compare thee to a rose?

…you might have heard that somewhere – & if this were one of those “rhymes with:” things I’d be about to get into it about a bunch of stuff that was relevant when the Elizabeth on the throne didn’t need a number after her name…so I’d probably be working up to making some sort of point about a system largely based on feudal patronage & the somewhat curious spectrum of subtext attached to roses in the home of the upstart crow…from your classic english rose right through to your full on game-of-thrones actual war of the roses…but obviously that sort of thing couldn’t possibly support the slightest comparison to modern times

Harry and Meghan to end use of ‘SussexRoyal’ brand

…that would, of course, be crazy talk

I know I already posted this at least once around here…but he’s not wrong at the end there that the press treats the princess who arrived pre-loaded with years of personal experience successfully navigating the media landscape for a living very differently to the one whose sister trades pretty heavily on the sibling royalty thing…just sayin’

…more to the point, though…& by way of explaining the header image…roses are pretty…& they smell pretty sweet…but they grow real good if you layer them in horseshit from time to time…& the verbal manure is flying think & fast all over the shop


…yeah…so…deep breath…in no particular order…takeaways from that little act include but are not limited to…dotardus maximus does not understand concepts as simple as the venn diagram…the dog-whistling-dumbass hammer is all the way down to a point at which even “bye, Felicia” would recognize an embarrassing degree of desperation…& there are people prepared to cheer for a joke to which they are the saddest, sorriest punchline in the political history of a nation to whom most would avow such unswerving allegiance to that the poor deluded fools actually fail to see the irony in their self-serving distortion of the concept of patriotism…also

…probably why he thinks he “gets on great with South Korea”

…although the sorry truth is there’s a non-zero chance things are broken enough for him to be right about this…which is fucking ridiculous


…because this was a damn sight less than the maximum sentence available (& I think many might agree more than deserved by mr tricky-dick ink)


…worth noting, though, that he actually caught 70 months in terms of the full rap on paper…it comes down to 40 because he gets to serve them concurrently rather than consecutively

…I mean, they’re both c-words but (no disrespect to the judge in this case) some c-words had to be involved in a deck stacked such that there are inmates incarcerated for longer due to such high crimes as moving violations, unpaid parking fines & other such matters of national consequence that are indisputably the focus of pointed & specific attention by the familiar swarm of hostile foreign interests

…who…& this can not be stressed enough…are really fucking good at that shit…& seem to consider fucking with “average Americans” (& John Q(anon) Public in particular) to be a recreational pursuit on a par with shooting fish in a barrel…with a return on their investment that would make half of Wall Street die of happiness…& the other half cry with envy

Russia Is Said to Be Interfering to Aid Bernie Sanders in 2020 ElectionNYT

…the misread of the overlap in the venn diagram between Russia & Bernie (compared with the Ockham’s Razor version) is somehow still capable of surprising me


…so on the one hand…because the Russians DGAF about anything American & love a win/win/you-lose scenario…yeah, it pays out for them to repeat the efforts that at least exacerbated (if not engendered, incited, cultivated & directed to a meaningful extent) the more toxic brand of Bernie Bro


…but on the other hand the only reason Bernie even functions as a vehicle for fucking up the chances of a US electorate not deciding that stepping on the national dick wasn’t enough & come November they’d prefer to get it over with & just shoot the thing clean off along with whatever nuts might go with it for the full electoral gelding…comes down, in a neatly oversimplified fashion, to a word

…& that word is socialism…which (again, no offense to those of you who I’m well aware know this shit) is misunderstood by that target demographic to an extent that would be hilarious if it weren’t so fucking tragic

…a lot of these people are desperate in the junkie-needs-fix kinda way to assure themselves that the touchstones & bellwethers by which they demonstrate to themselves that they still live in a land of the free & a home of the brave where they retain an inalienable right to health, wealth & the pursuit of happiness…to the point where they’re supporting the very people most directly responsible for the fact that out in the wild for most folks it’s at best a choice which two you give up for a shot at the third


…whereas if the dangerous socialist concepts that give them basic sanitation, refuse collection, mains power, roads, bridges, police forces, & oh, I dunno a bunch of their constitutional rights & freedoms were to be extended to cover the first one without impacting on the middle one the chances of there being some fiscal agency involved in the pursuit part might go up the most for those with the least while those with the most might be surprised at just how capable the remaining un-trimmed fat they retain might be at ensuring they don’t even feel the degree of belt-tightening required of them

…so if I could afford to spend $7million PER GODDAMNED DAY ensuring that everybody & their dog heard whatever shit I felt like saying I’d most likely be inclined to be a little terrified by the concept of wealth redistribution


…but I’m pretty sure I’d have a shot at funding the research required to get some stable genius or other to build a working bowel disruptor…& a lot of would-be brownshirts would be wearing brown pants to match


…assuming I could keep up, that is



…& I’m pretty certain nobody out there is legally enjoined from speaking about me…but if I’d had a few dozen members of the opposite sex sign some “I’ll never mention it” paperwork I’d like to think I could at least find 10% of them who could speak their piece without proving I was a moral write-off of a human being…that doesn’t sound like an unreasonable standard for entertaining the possibility that the several dozen women that aren’t the token three getting released from their NDA obligations might not be aware of behavior & attitudes that ought to be disqualifying the same way that Brett-likes-beer isn’t fit to warm that bench on account of


…his money seems to go a long way & get a pretty good polling/electoral return but I’m seriously unconvinced that this is the next old white rich dude that should be indulged when he plays the “ya needs me, baby” card


…because yes, if the senescent slurring sack of mental & moral slurry poured into those shitty suits & given the ol’ orange shellack is option #1

…then yeah, it’s option #2: literally-any-fucking-body-else-for-the-love-of-all-that-is-right-&-good

…but have a care…because when Spider drove a journalistic spike through the heart of the beast’s campaign it ushered in the Smiler

…remind you of anyone?

…but at least it’s the weekend?



  1. The Smiler looks a malicious version of John Edwards and JFK with the teeth of Tony Robbins.

    The real life version is an even more bloated Baron Harkonenn meets Idiot Town.

    And the GOPers accused Dems of being cultists and voting for a traitor yet… well, here we are.

    Goes to show true life is stranger than fiction.

  2. How do you even come up with these?

    …because yes, if the senescent slurring sack of mental & moral slurry poured into those shitty suits & given the ol’ orange shellack is option #1

  3. American “patriots” being upset that a foreign film won best picture. I wonder if it occurs to them that if they have such pride in American art that maybe….it’s something that can be invested in…almost like an endowment of some sort?

    My point is that more artists should be on the government payroll. There should be a resident artists who go out into the community to teach art and do art the same way people can volunteer to help their community gardens as an extension of the local university.

    If we want to get nationalistic about our art, let’s see what it looks like if we spend .1% of the military budget on it.

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